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February 2010 Newsletter

OW2 Newsletter - February 2010 - From the OW2 Management Office  

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,

Energizing the community is our first strategic objective. OW2 has a great code base, but are we a community? Do we all have this sense of belonging that defines a community? What makes you proud of OW2? How can we make OW2 a community that inspires commitment? Perhaps we each have our own answer.

What is certain is that, without the mythical ROI, no one will feel compelled to invest time, effort and emotion in OW2. How do you measure your ROI in OW2? Here are some clues:

- First, there is of course the standard monetary payback: we are here to help you save money on one hand and to make some on the other. If you can identify how much money you save or make thanks to OW2, you're good.

- Second, there is the technology: we have a great pool of technologies and companies at OW2 and close interactions with other members will tell you where you stand regarding the state of the art. How much is this technology compass worth?

- Third, there is the "we are changing the world" feeling: because, yes, we are changing the world, and there are not many open source code bases like ours. World class software you are free to use and contribute to... What's the price of being able to make your own technology decisions?

Let's keep the conversation going at Solutions Linux where several members will show their latest demos: BonitaSoft, Bull, Engineering, INRIA, JasperSoft, Petals Link, Talend and Xwiki.

This week-end starts the year of the Tiger in China; may OW2 be as agile and strong as a Tiger! 

 Gong He Xin Xi!  恭贺新禧

Thank you for your support. 

Cedric Thomas


PS: follow and contribute to OW2 on Twitter and LinkedIn .


>Project Updates

11 Feb 10: XWiki Enterprise 2.2 Release Candidate 2 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
11 Feb 10: XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.1.2 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)
11 Feb 10: XWiki Enterprise 2.1.2 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)
04 Feb 10: XWiki Enterprise 2.2 Release Candidate 1 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
28 Jan 10: Bonita Open Solution 5.0 is available! (Posted by: mvaldes)
28 Jan 10: XWiki Enterprise 2.2 Milestone 2 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
26 Jan 10: Tellus GIS project has now a feature-oriented synchro (Posted by: mgomez)
26 Jan 10: Module OCS Inventory (Posted by: mgomez)
25 Jan 10: CARDAMOM V4.2 released (Posted by: jfichez)
21 Jan 10: Petals ESB 3.0.3 released (Posted by: mlebreton)


>Community News

OW2 at Solutions Linux 2010

From March 16-18, 2010, the OW2 Village will once again be a major attraction at Solutions Linux as well as our dedicated conference track showcasing OW2 projects and success stories. Let other OW2 members know you'll be attending via LinkedIn here.

OW2 Election and General Assembly

The official notice for the 2010 General Assembly, election of board members and chairperson of the board was sent to the community on Feb. 11.  All details available here.

Technology Council

The next meeting of the Technology Council will take place on Monday 15 March, at Issy les Moulineaux (Orange Labs R&D facilities near Paris), 2pm until 7pm. More.

New machines for OW2

We have ordered our new servers and migration onto the new machines is scheduled for Friday March 19. Don't plan anything major for that day. We will keep you informed on the OW2 IT Infrastructure page.

Supporting the OSGi Alliance

OW2 signed the agreement to be an official OSGi Alliance Supporter. OW2 Member Engineering has also signed as a new OSGi Alliance Supporter. We are dedicated to giving OSGi more momentum throughout our code base.

2nd anniversary of the Paris JUG (Java User Group)

OW2 was there to support the Paris JUG on their 2nd anniversary. OW2 members eXo Platform and Xwiki were presenting. More .

Help us re-launch OW2 Planet

Help us re-launch the "OW2 planet" web content by emailing the RSS feed links from your social media, such as blogs and twitter, to "ed at ow2 dot org".



OW2 CEO predictions

A tradition brought to us by our friends from the Open Solutions Alliance, the CEO's Predictions for the year ahead will be published in the press shortly.


After attending in 2008 and 2009, we found OSCON a hassle-free, friendly open source event. OW2 will return again this year to participate and exhibit on July 19-23, in Portland, Oregon.

OW2 programming contest

The 2010 OW2 programming contest will be launched in the next few weeks and the award ceremony will be held from September 24-26, in Ningxia University in Yinchuan, the capital city of China's Ningxia province.

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