Local Chapters

Local Chapters

A typical Open Source organization, OW2 aims at fostering grass root communities across all continents through Local Chapters. Local Chapters are activities carried out to contribute to the sustainable development of the OW2 community and business ecosystems on a regional scale, in a business neutral way. They represent the Association at a regional level. For more details, please read the Local Chapter Handbook.The OW2 community has launched, or is is currently working at launching the following Local Chapters: PDF
  • China
  • Europe
  • Brazil
  • North America

China Local Chapter

The Chinese community which established the OrientWare consortium with which ObjectWeb merged to form OW2 is active at developing its Local Chapter. Read the account of the merger in pictures. OW2 was officially launched in China end of May 2007. Read the account of the OW2 Launch and Meetings in China (May 2007). More meetings took place in October 2007 until we eventually open the OW2 China Local Chapter.

Europe Local Chapter

The Europe Local Chapter has been approved for launching by OW2 Board on May 15th 2008. In January 2010 the leaders of the ELC advised the board of OW2 they were no longer able to continue running the ELC. The ELC has invited strategic members of the OW2 community to take over the running of the ELC. More