Board Elections 2024

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2024 Election of the Board of Directors

How to vote

You must vote online. Please note the online vote will be open between Feb 29 to Mar 01. To cast your vote, please go to the pages indicated below (they are the same pages as the ones indicated below in fact, this is normal):

What each member category votes for

Election and vote process is different for each member category:

  • Corporate Members will vote to elect representatives, i.e. a number of representatives equal to the number of Strategic Members.
  • Individual Members will vote to elect one representative.
  • Strategic Members do not vote.

Current Candidates

The candidates registration stage runs from Feb 01 to Feb 13. See how to apply further below. The list of candidates for present election of the Board of Directors is regularly updated on the following pages:

Election notice

The official notice will be sent around end January, for:

  • The 2024 election of Board Members
  • Election of the Chairperson of the Board

For more information about the process, please see the Bylaws of the OW2 Association.

Board representatives election schedule

The schedule for the 2024 election is as follows

  • Feb 01-Feb 13: Candidates Registration
  • Feb 14-Feb 28: Candidates campaign: Q&A with the applicants on the mailing lists
  • Feb 29-Mar 01: On-line vote
  • Mar 04: Result of representative election

(All periods end 11:30pm CET.)


Chairperson election schedule

The Chairperson is a member of the Board and is elected by the newly elected members of the Board. The schedule for the this year election is as follows:

  • Mar 04-Mar 11: Registration of Candidates
  • Mar 12-Mar 21: Candidates campaign: Q&A with the applicants on the board mailing list
  • Mar 22: Vote online or during board meeting
  • Mar 22: Result of Chairperson election

(All periods end 11:30pm CET.)

How to apply to be a candidate

Only Corporate Members having fully paid their Membership fees, or duly informed the Management Office, can be candidates and are eligible to participate in OW2 Elections and Board Meetings votes.

For Candidate registration, as usual now, you must use the following template (applications will be published on the OW2 Web site - pages mentionned above):

  • Subject: Application from (personal name) (organization name) to the OW2 board
  • (Membership Category) (Corporate Members) or (Individual Members)
  • (Applicant Name)
  • (Motivations) (<200 words)
  • (Applicant Bio) (<200 words)

Send your application to the relevant mailing list:


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For **Corporate Members** representatives send your application to Corporate Members.