Election 2021: Individual Members

Here is the list of candidates to the seat of Individual Members representative for the 2021 election of the OW2 Board of Directors


Jean Parpaillon


Open source is made of individuals. Open source business ecosystem is made of companies. OW2 is a major opportunity for developers to be part of the ecosystem.
My objective, as individual members representative, is to keep building the right equilibrium between developers and the business ecosystem.
My ambition for OW2 is to promote and defend projects and contributions that fits into our core values.


Jean Parpaillon is a software engineer with experience as developer, architect, project manager and technical director. He has been constantly promoting and defending open source software, methods and philosophy since more than 15 years. He has been actively contributing to OW2 through various projects, then as Individual member representative and technology council chairman. He's been chairing the board of directors since 2017. He's currently an independant consultant in elixir/erlang.