Election 2021: Corporate members

Here is the list of candidates to the seats of Corporate Members representatives for the 2021 election of the OW2 board of directors.


Jonathan Rivalan


As depicted in my bio, I provide R&D solutions to the Open Source community, following industrial trends within the Cloud, UX and IA markets. Project coordinator for both French and European scale projects, ranging from continuous optimization for Cloud infrastructures (5G, Edge, Fog) to data translation and visualization (Rating-Operator and Palindrome products). New ideas and collaboration means are two aspects that I like to define myself by, and that makes me believe I have a role to play within the OW2 organization.

Furthermore, OW2, thanks to its international dimension, and from my national point of view, provides a much wider leverage opportunity regarding the improvement of both these axis, hence my strong interest in joining its board, to pursue further my efforts in the business and community fields, and to overall improve the international Open Source community stance.


Innovative SME, alter way became within the last  10 years the essential Open Source Web market actor in France. The company offers a global offer to its customers, in an approach oriented towards Open Source and DevOps solutions: DESIGN, BUILD, RUN and TRAIN.

Former R&D manager in the company, Jonathan Rivalan shares beliefs and values for a fully collaborative and Open Source ecosystem, and works along with major laboratories and companies in providing bleeding edge solutions as well as new topics and use cases to the community.

For several years now, Jonathan has been taking part in the Systematic Cluster, as a Hub Open Source board member (Free Software Thematic Group). 


Konrad Wawruch


I am strong proponent of OSS as basis for infrastructure and public projects. I believe there is a big potential that can be used more efficiently, in business and academic collaboration and creating synergies between taxpayers-sponsored projects and increasing their real life adoption. After receiving a lot of help as a member of OW2 to open source projects I am engaged in, I would like to join the OW2 board, to work to help to achieve effects described above.


- I am Polish serial technology entrepreneur, co-founder of 7bulls.com, Polish software house focused on bringing R&D results to real life globally.
- I am one of the animators of early Open Source Software adoption in Poland, long-time vice president of Polish Linux Users Group, organizer of tens of Open Source-focused conferences and events, supporter of open standards and openness in general in public space. By participating in Horizon 2020 projects, with my team we help to create open source solutions in cloud computing and AI space, in collaboration with OW2 for bigger practical impact.
- I have academic episode in my career, building supercomputer, cluster and grid computing software at ICM University of Warsaw for 10 years.
- I hold M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Warsaw.
- Recently I invest in software-related technology companies through a number of VC funds, and continue to support building spin-offs from 7bulls.


Daniele Gagliardi


I have been involved in OW2 community activities since 2010, when I entered in Spago4Q team, and during these years my commitment in OW2 has grown, participating as Engineering Group representative in Technology Council activities, as a member and then as chairman. In the last three years I served the OW2 community, representing Engineering Group in the OW2 Board of Directors. Moreover I collaborated with OW2 and other OW2 partners (XWiki and ActiveEon) in a EU research project, called STAMP (Software testing AMPlification) and released under open source license, as Work Package leader on behalf of Engineering Group. We worked together  in integration and dissemination tasks:a very fruitful collaboration, making it tangible the benefits of possible synergies within this great community.
I'm strongly convinced that sharing knowledge and participation is the foundation for every community, bringing it to success, and this is particularly true for OW2. I continuously diffuse the knowledge about OSS and OW2 activities at Engineering Group, during my daily activities and lectures at Engineering IT & Management School. Because of my professional activities within Engineering Group quality production platform and processes, I can bring this expertise to feed OW2 initiatives (particularly, but not limited to, OSCAR) and I'm available to serve the board and the community with my passion and knowledge of the ICT and open source context. During this new year I'll seek to extend relationships between OW2 and other potential partners.


Daniele Gagliardi is a Technical Manager at Engineering Group - ICT Technical and Innovation Direction. In the past he worked on digital signature, Public Key Infrastructures e Identity and Access Management solutions. He currently manages the corporate infrastructure, to support internal development and testing processes, from traditional ones to Agile and DevOps approaches, and provides customers with consultancy on test automation, performance testing, ALM and test methodologies. Ultimately he also increased his activities and competencies as sysadmin (mainly in Linux ecosystem) within his company. He has been WP leader within the H2020 research project STAMP (Software Testing AMPlification), collaborating with OW2 in integration and dissemination tasks. He lectures at Engineering IT Academy on test methodologies and performance testing. He is chairman at OW2 Technology Council, member of OW2 project Spago4Q team, member of Open Source Initiative and member of Italian Professional Association of Engineers (he holds a university degree in electronic engineering). In the past he spoke at OSS conferences (OW2Con', Eclipse Conference Europe). Passionate about computer science since early years (he started to code on a Commodore 64), he discovered the world of open source at university and was impressed by the value that OSS open knowledge daily gives to the society.


Clément Oudot


I follow OW2 activities since more than 15 years and I would be happy to stay at the board (previous year was my first year). My will is to enforce the topic of Identity and Access Management inside OW2, with the cooperation between projects like Fusion Directory, LemonLDAP::NG, LSC, FusionIAM, AuthzForce... I would also like to help OW2 on is community involvement, relations with other communities and presence at conferences.


I lead the Identity Solutions department at Worteks since 2018 and work on several Free Software projects like LemonLDAP::NG, LSC, LDAP Tool Box and FusionIAM. I work in Open Source ecosystem since 2003.     


Benoit Mortier


My program is in 4 points:

- Build an OW2 community and put it back in the center

- Reduce the number of initiatives to be able to more easily promote them and explain why it is important outside our usual circles

- Ensure that in everything we do free has priority including in the projects we accept and improve the processes for the acceptance of new software

- Contribute to make the Technology council more independent and empowered to make technical and process decision.

- Make software that is at ow2 more visible by developing synergies and that these are clearly displayed on the project sheets


Benoit is the CEO of FusionDirectory, the company publishing FusionDirectory https://www.fusiondirectory.org/ the IAM solution.

He is a free software supporter and has been doing Identity Access Management for more than 15 years.

He as been Co-Chairman of the System Administration track at Libre sofware meetings from 2007 - 2013 and give many lectures during events
dedicated to Free Software.


Yury Glikman 


My main objective is to work with OW2 members and with the European Commission to position OW2 as the centre of Open Source Governance competence in Europe and the adviser of the European Commission on its Open Source strategy. Additionally, help OW2 to get public funding through participation in collaborative research projects.


Dr. Yury Glikman is a researcher and vice-head of the department Digital Public Services at Fraunhofer FOKUS. In the past 20 years Yury was actively contributing and was leading technical activities in numerous international and national research projects, and in research projects in collaboration with Japanese industry. Yury is the coordinator of the H2020 projects ReachOut (The Beta Testing Campaign Platform for Research Projects) and DataVaults (Persistent Personal Data Vaults Empowering A Secure And Privacy Preserving Data Storage, Analysis, Sharing And Monetisation Platform). In the ReachOut project Fraunhofer FOKUS together with OW2 and UShareSoft help research and OSS projects to organise beta testing campaign for their software to increase its market readiness. Apart from that, Yury is leading the Fraunhofer’s team responsible for development of the core part of the European Data Portal of the European Commission and the technical activities in the EC CEF project “Support Centre for Data Sharing”. 


Pierre LEVY


I have been working on a large open source project for a public organization since 2002. I am convinced of the interest of code sharing both in the public sector and for private companies to promote economic development.


I am software engineer at the City of Paris since 1987. I am in charge of the Software engineering bureau of the IT department since 2005 . I was lead developer in 2001 and now project director of LUTECE, a Java Content Management Framework (mature OW2 project). I was participating to the board of Adullact association from 2008 to 2012 and OW2 from 2018 to 2020.