Open Source Accessibility initiative


Status: Operational

Initiative Objective: The initiative's objective is to build synergies between OW2 members and the larger community around open and compliant digital solutions for people with physical or cognitive difficulties. The initiative seeks to facilitate technology integration between open source accessibility enablement and management software. It will provide a neutral forum to identify, discuss, develop and integrate quality open source solutions for accessibility. 

Initiative Name:
The official name is "OW2 Open Source Accessibility initiative" (OSAi).

Initiative scope

The roadmap of the OW2 Open Source Accessibility initiative will be jointly developed by its participants. However, the initiative is being launched with an initial focus on the following domains: supporting online and face-to-face communication, content creation and access, and exploring the work environment for accessibility at the office or while traveling.

You are welcome to participate

All OW2 members and interested stakeholders are invited to join and contribute in this initiative. 

Stay in touch with OSAi

More information about the projects and meetings can be found on the OSAI private wiki
To set up your private account, you need to register first, then we will configure your privileges in the wiki.

A mailing list is used to share ideas between participants: Please, subscribe here or unsubscribe here

Next Events

OSAi workgroup

The next OSAi workgroup will take place at Worldline, Bezons (Paris region) on March, 15, 2017
Please find more information on the OSAi private wiki. Don't forget to register first.

Past Events

OSAi at POSS 2016

paris-open-source-summit.jpgThe OSAi initiative participated at the Paris Open Source Summit session on Accessibility and FLOSS, November 17, from 11:00am in Geneve Room. Check out the POSS 2016 OW2 sessions and slides.

AccessCamp November 18, in Paris, the free AccessCamp offered a contributive event to improve accessibility and FLOSS (Free and Libre Open Source Software).
More information on the AccessCamp.

OSAi at OW2con'16

Christian Paterson, OSAi presentation at OW2con'16
At OW2con'16, 22 Sep. 2016 in Paris Mozilla Space, Christian Paterson, Orange open source governance Director, explains the economical and demographic context in which the OSAi initiative has been launched.

More about OW2con'16

OSCON Press Release

The OW2 open source accessibility initiative (OSAi) has been announced at OSCON, Austin, TX, May 17, 2016.
Read the Press Release

Initiative participants

OSAi is spearheaded by Orange, one of the world's leading telecommunication operators, which has secured the initial participants in the initiative. These include DINSIC, the IT and Digital Agency of the French Government, La Poste, the French postal service company, Worldline the European leader in payment and transaction services, Smile, a leading European integrator of open source solutions, digital accessibility agency Océane Consulting and eAccessibility consulting firm Atalan. Additional contributors such as research and international participants will be announced shortly.

Initiative Projects

  • AcceDe PDF
  • AcceDe Web
  • Boosted
  • Confort+
  • Observatoire
  • Ocara
  • Orange Pa11y Dashboard
  • Tanaguru
  • Tel signes
  • mDAN

Accessibility Resources

We are glad to share presentations, guides and several Accessibility Resources publicly.
Moreover, OSAi participants are sharing and regularly updating OSAi Related Projects (registration required) and accessibility events.