2019 OW2con Announcement and Registration (#1)

Don’t miss the annual conference of the OW2 community and ecosystem!

Open Source Toward Industry Maturity

June 12-13, 2019, Paris.

Join us on June 12-13 for two days of open source project presentations and demonstrations, keynotes, roundtable discussions and breakout sessions. And don’t forget the free lunches and now legendary beer party! Leading IT companies will tell us about the impact of open source on their organizations and how open source is reaching industry maturity. Request your badge now! (Thanks to our sponsors, badges are provided free of charge.)

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Program Highlights

  • Day 1 No less than five keynote speakers from leading IT companies will give their views on open source industry maturity. Other topics are to include: OW2 projects and success stories, Testing and DeVops, and the OW2con'19 Best Project Award Contest.  

  • Day 2 will highlight future tends in technology (AI, IoT, etc). Other topics of the day will include: Business Models, Collaborative tools, Research projects, etc. 

  • Poster Session This year, OW2con will host project poster sessions during coffee and lunch breaks.

Parallel Breakout Sessions

Two-hour breakout sessions will also be held:

Adding LibreOffice To Your Online Solution. Attend this session and find out how it all works. LibreOffice’s community experts will be on hand to answer all your technical and business-related questions.


Open Source Software Assessment. Discover several tools, methodology and best practices to assess open source software, including Bitergia, CodeScoop, WhiteSource and OW2 Market Readiness Level (MRL).


Understand OSS Licences. Are you a developer? An open source user? Come and find out what you need to know about open source licences from legal experts from Orange and Inno3.


XWiki Community Workshop. The XWiki community and XWiki SAS will coordinate this breakout session. Users of the XWiki collaborative platform will have the opportunity to meet some contributors to the project.


Fossology Workshop. Informal discussion session for users of the Fossology Open Source code scan tool and non-users interested in finding out about more about the tool.

More breakout sessions will be announced later, along with detailed schedule, stay tuned!

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Featured Keynote Speakers

  • Karsten Reincke, Deutsche Telekom
    Karsten Reincke is Senior Expert key Projects and leading member of the Deutsche Telekom internal Open Source Committee. He will talk about "Automating Compliance: a Growing challenge for Agile and Cloud".
  • Matthias Kirschner, Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)
    Matthias Kirschner joined FSFE in 2004 and is today President of the Foundation. He helps companies and governments to understand how they can benefit from Free Software. His keynote will focus on " Free Software: Mainstream in industry, what about society?".
  • Bastien Guerry, DINSIC
    Bastien Guerry, free software officer for the French public administration, will talk about Free Softwares As Bridges Between Public Agencies and Citizen.
  • Stefano Scamuzzo, Knowage
    Stefano Scamuzzo is Ecosystem Manager at Knowage (Engineering Group) and has long working experience in the IT field, with a particular focus on open source solutions. He will present the latest trends in analytics capabilities illustrated by several Knowage Success Stories.

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Our Venue: Orange Gardens Innovation Center

OW2con'19 is kindly hosted by OW2 Strategic member Orange in its Paris-Châtillon Innovation Center. Many thanks to Orange for welcoming us!  

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