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November 2008 Newsletter


\[OW2 Newsletter - November 2008 - From the OW2 Management Office]\  

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,

Allow me to start this newsletter with a special announcement for the Open World Forum, to be held on December 1-2, in Paris and where OW2 is proud to be highly represented.

Join us and discover the future of open source: the Open World Forum will bring together thousands of participants, including some of the most respected FLOSS experts, and 160 top speakers from 20 countries.

The Open World Forum features the first OW2 TechDay: Implementing the agile computing infrastructure where we will showcase the OW2 code base.

The Open World Forum provides a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and technologies in FLOSS, explore the future of IT and FLOSS, share insight and best practices and network with your peers.

Apply now for your free registration badge at the Open World Forum Web site

OW2 will hold its Quarterly Meeting and Board of Directors meeting in Paris during the same week as the Open World Forum.

Reports and photos of the OW2 tour in China organized by the China Local Chapter are posted on the web site. Check them out.

We thank you for your on-going support, and look forward to seeing you at the Open World Forum and at the next OW2 Quarterly Meeting in Paris.


Cedric Thomas



We are pleased to anounce that two new members have joined OW2 since our last newsletter:

tarent, a Systems Integrator in Germany, specializing in open source technologies and focusing on areas such as BPM, ECM, Mobile business and Collaboration.

BPM Conseil, the lead organization behind the of the Vanilla open source BI projects, aggregating modules such as FreeAnalysis (Olap), FreeMetrics (BSC), FreeDashboard, FreeWebReport and BIPortal.

Individual Members: We now have more than 1000 Individual Members.


In October, the Technology Council accepted two new projects:

FraSCAti : a Java-based open source implementation of Service Component Architecture (SCA) specifications based on the OW2 Fractal component model.

NovaForge : a project aimed at providing all the functionalities necessary in a project development: Control, Repository, Development, Integration and Collaboration.


03 Nov 08: SAT4J 2.0.4 released (Posted by: leberre)

28 Oct 08: SOFA 2 release 0.5.0 (Posted by: mmalohlava)

22 Oct 08: XWiki Enterpise Manager 1.4 released (Posted by: tmortagne)

22 Oct 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.7 Milestone 1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)

22 Oct 08: PEtALS Platform 2.3 (Posted by: chamerling)

22 Oct 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.6.1 released (Posted by: tmortagne)

22 Oct 08: Spagic 2.3.0 released (Posted by: dbutano)

13 Oct 08: SpagoBI 2.0 - BETA (Posted by: cazzin)

13 Oct 08: JOnAS WTP Adapter 4.1.0 is released (Posted by: fornacif)

10 Oct 08: EasyBeans 1.0.2 MR (Posted by: benoitf)

10 Oct 08: EasyBeans 1.1.0-M1 (Posted by: benoitf)

09 Oct 08: JOnAS 5.0.5 Available (Posted by: benoitf)

06 Oct 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.6 released (Posted by: jvdrean)

01 Oct 08: Bonita 4.0 (Nova Bonita) was released ! (Posted by: mvaldes)



OW2 Logo Family

- We have designed a family of electronic buttons to show your OW2 Membership on your web sites. You can get them via the Marketing Resources page ( or directly at

Quarterly Meeting

- The next Quarterly Meeting will take place in Paris along with the Open World Forum on December 2-3. See the full agenda at: 


- Once again, OW2 is a partner in this major event for the Java community in Europe. We have a booth shared by six OW2 members and four presentations dedicated to OW2 projects.

OW2 2009 Annual Conference Call for Presentations

- This is advanced information for the OW2 2009 Annual Conference (April 1-2) a formal call for presentations we will issued shortly. Presentations can now be proposed on the following-page:

BI Initiative

Ingres Corporation, provider of database management software and ClaraVista provider of CRM consulting services are two new participants in the BI Initiative. Meet the team at the OW2 TechDay during the OpenWorld Forum on Dec 1 in Paris, where the BI initiative will deliver a speech on BI Initiative solution stack and deliverales. New BI Initiative web pages are now on-line: 

China Local Chapter

- The OW2 Management Office held a number of meetings organized by the China Local Chapter, end-October, and presented OW2 at the Beijing Open Source Camp as well as at the Scilab Programing Contest award ceremony and workshop.

IPA Forum

- We were invited to give a keynote speach at the IPA Forum in Tokyo on "Open Source and enterprise competitiveness: the end-user case".

Eclipse DemoCamp

- A little help for our friends: OW2 Corporate Member Ingres will organize the Paris stage of the worldwide Eclipse DemoCamp tour on November 20.

OW2 in the social networks

- Reminder: don't forget to register on the Facebook and LinkedIn OW2 groups:


OW2 Web site in Chinese

- We have an alpha version of the OW2 Web site in Chinese. Our objective is to open the web site by the end of the month. On November 10, we will open the Beta version to proof-readers. If you want to take part, please send your mail to management-office AT

Additional services

- We are currently testing Dimdim, a Webinar tool (with the help of INRIA) and have started work on FOSSology to manage licenses in our code base; we will of course also work on the University of Helsinki's  Open Source Licence Checker.

Specific End-User status

- As already discussed, we will submit a new End-User status at the next Board Meeting.

OW2 Annual Conference

- Save the date: the OW2 Annual Conference will take place April 1-2, 2009, in Paris, France concurrently with Solutions Linux 2009, a major open source tradeshow.

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