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January 2009 Newsletter


\[OW2 Newsletter - January 2009 - From the OW2 Management Office] 

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,

This is the first issue of our 2009 newsletter, so allow me a quick look back to 2008. While 2007 was more dedicated to setting up the organization, 2008 was the first year of real operation.

The OW2 team grew with the appointment of our System Administrator and our CTO. On the infrastructure and technical services side, we migrated all our applications to an independent OW2 infrastructure and we also updated our website platform. We started working with FOSSology to better manage our licenses; Sun Microsystems granted OW2 usage of the Java Test Compatibility Kit (TCK) under their Scholarship Program and Atlassian usage of its tools under an open source license. With one new Strategic Member (Alcatel-Lucent) and 10 new Corporate Members in 2008, total membership is now 14 Strategic Members and 49 Corporate Members and the 1,000 individual members milestone has been reached. The Technology Council worked well trim te code base and to establish project categories: we now have 33 Mature projects, 11 projects in Incubation and 23 in Archive. In 2008 we received 17 project proposals, the Business Intelligence (BI) Initiative and the Europe Local Chapter were launched and we prepared the ground for the Brazil Local Chapter. We gained momentum in our communication effort with OW2 taking part in some 25 events in Europe, Asia and the Americas including global events such as Cebit, JavaOne, OSCON and Open World Forum. We opened the Chinese website and started producing this newsletter.

Our appreciation goes to all those members who contributed to this community effort.

Of course we have had drawbacks and there still remains a lot to do. We need to improve our organization - for instance
we must set up a new, more marketing-oriented Ecosystem Council - and clarify our licensing policy. On the technology side, OW2 will migrate to a new state-of-the-art forge and set up mirror sites, regarding projects, we will promote compliance with component models such as OSGi and Fractal. We will organize our first Annual Conference, and we are planning to organize a programming contest with an award ceremony in China. OW2 will continue to develop its membership specially in Europe, Latin America and China. End 2009 OW2 will be a truly global open source community with Local Chapters in Europe, China and Brazil.

Last but not least, we are pleased to announce our first OW2 Annual Conference, April 1-2. We are closing the Call for Presentations this week. Do not miss this opportunity, hurry, submit your speech!

All the team at OW2 wish you a very happy and successful 2009 and we look forward to working with you in 2009.

Cedric Thomas


Caixa Economica Federal: Caixa is perhaps the largest financial institution in Brazil, not only it is the second largest bank but also serves the whole Brazilian population through Lotteries, urban infrastructure investments and the payment of social programs. Caixa will help launch the Brazil Local Chapter.


Since last newsletter, the Technology Council accepted three new projects:

OSLC: Open Source License Checker (OSLC) v3.0 is a tool for the inspection and analysis of license information in open source package. The project is complementatry to FOSSology. Submitted by HUT (Helsinki University of Technology) where it it is also used to support a course.

EasyWSDL: Easy WSDL Toolbox provides a simple and extensible library to handle (both reading and writing) WSDL documents with a common and high level API, regardless of the WSDL version used (WSDL 1.1 or WSDL2.0). Easy WSDL leverages WSDL data to expose SOA concepts like services, endpoint, bindings, interfaces and operations. Submitted by EBMWebsourcing.

Dragon:  Dragon governance platform is an SOA governance solution which deals with service descriptions, SLA contracts, and service lifecycle. Dragon leverages SOA standards like WSDL, SA-WSDL, WS Policy, etc. Submitted by EBMWebsourcing.


05 Jan 09: LemonLDAP:NG 0.9.3 is out! (posted by: Clement Oudot)

05 Jan 09: Telosys 1.0.0   (Posted by: Laurent Guerin)

05 Jan 09: NovaForge available on OW2   (Posted by: Emmanuel Rias)

19 Dec 08: SpagoBI 2.0 RC is now available (Posted by: cazzin)

18 Dec 08: Bonita Christmas release ! (Posted by: mvaldes)

18 Dec 08: JOnAS 5.1.0 M2 available (Posted by: fornacif)

18 Dec 08: XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.4.1 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)

18 Dec 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.6.2 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)

12 Dec 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.7 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)

10 Dec 08: Dream lib 2.2 released (Posted by: rnaudin)

03 Dec 08: Spago 3.0.0 released (Posted by: andreagrassi)

28 Nov 08: Enhydra Shark 2.3-1 is released! (Posted by: sasaboy)

28 Nov 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.7 Release Candidate 1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)

24 Nov 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.7 Milestone 3 released (Posted by: tmortagne)

17 Nov 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.7 Milestone 2 Released (Posted by: jvdrean) 



Call for dues

Invoices (Call for dues) for the year 2009 are being sent this first week of January. Fees have not changed, they are still as detailed on the site here. We would really appreciate if you could settle this as promptly as possible.

OW2 Annual Conference

- Save the date: the OW2 Annual Conference will take place April 1-2, 2009, in Paris, France concurrently with Solutions Linux 2009, a major open source tradeshow. The Call for Presentations is closing this week. Hurry! Do not miss the opportunity, submit your speech!

Quarterly Meeting

- The next Quarterly Meeting will take place in Paris on March 30-31, 2009, the days before the Annual Conference. Save the date!



- The call for participation is open. Check this page. We like OSCON, see if you can participate this year.


The OW2 Chinese website is live!

- As promised, and thanks to the irreplaceable efforts of the China Local Chapter, the OW2 community now has a website in Chinese: We also announced it with a press release


Atlassian tools

- Atlassian has granted OW2 an open source license allowing our projects to use their popular tools such as Jira, Bamboo, etc.  Our appreciation to the team at Atlassian who was very supportive. For more information, please contact OW2 SysAdmin Jeremy Casery.

BI Initiative

- Check the BI Initiative presentation given at the OW2 Tech Day during Open World Forum on December 1st, 2008. BI Initiative web pages are at:


Europe Roadshow

- The Europe Local Chapter will organize series of meetings to help boost membership in Europe. In Q1 2009, two series of meetings are planned in Germany and Spain. 

Forge migration

- Over the next few months we will undertake the migration to a new forge. The new forge, NovaForge, will allow for more distributed cooperation and better support of our global community.

Programming contest

- Further to the discussions we have had with the Chinese Scilab team, we will soon launch a programming contest which should lead to an award ceremony in China in October.

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