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[OW2 Newsletter - May 2024 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

Next month is OW2Con, June 11/12, so it is time to register - for free, thanks to our sponsors!

OW2con is an open, friendly networking event. But what is it about?
We highlight "open source funding", now let me tell you the real subject: Diversity.

We look at funding with that pioneer point of view that shaped the early internet, the way the EU NGI program and our partner NLnet promote it: to restore that "permissionless innovation" The Guardian talks about this week.
Note this is exactly what the NGI0 Commons Fund targets, so feel free to apply, just a form to fill in!

And it is about diversity: decentralized protocols, privacy, interoperability, commons based on open models allow everyone to be part of the game, and prevent anyone from gathering data or controlling infrastructure that cover all aspects of our lives.

OW2Con proposes other diversity-related topics: an accessibility breakout session - technology must be inclusive for everyone. Another about open source in science and education, with many attendees from the academic world - we can't just be a business ecosystem, we also need research and education on board.

Talks and keynotes also underline diversity, featuring speakers with diverse backgrounds from many countries and organizations - and points of views that might even appear irreconcilable, or spark lively debates. A few questions from our main program: how should we define open source AI? Is single-vendor open source "the new proprietary"? Is FOSS "fundamentally capitalist"? Who should contribute to fuel FOSS maintainers, and how? News about France and Germany teaming up for a sovereign suite?

And of course, small and large businesses, associations, universities, public sector bodies, individuals from all over the world will be represented: this is what OW2 is about!

Making the world simple and centralized is the wish of many, including Gafam whose profits depend on centralized data and cloud infrastructures, and governments who rely on them for mass surveillance: these ones aim at eradicating diversity.

We don't: diversity is the starting point of complexity, the main factor of resilience and driver of sovereignty. There should be no central point or single protocol, keeping control of our lives requires a decentralized internet from the ground up to the services: be it for the sake of EU digital sovereignty, individual privacy, economical development, education, or even democracy.

Of course this is our point of view, and should you somewhat disagree, you are welcome: this also makes OW2Con special, your opinion matters! Diversity, we said?

Eager to meeting you in-person at OW2Con'24,

Pierre-Yves Gibello


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter

Project News

Project Updates

  • Cryptpad Spring release (2024.3.0)is live. It enables notably to easily customize the instance logo and accent color More. The April status is available. 
  • version 6.8.0-rc.1 is available, check it out! More.
  • Lutece the lutece-core version 7.0.13 was released. More.
  • Waarp Message from the Waarp team about the technical flaw CVE-2024-3094. More.
  • LDAP Tool Box. The new LDAP Tool Box Self Service Password is a web application dedicated to end users. It allows them to change or reset their password, if they lost it. And it works with any LDAP directory, including Active Directory. More.
  • XWiki 16.3.0 was released. It is now possible to allow users to write a summary when uploading attachments from the attachments pane (this feature is not enabled by default). Notifications custom filters can now be filtered and sorted.
  • Lemon LDAP:NG Check out the security improvements and new features of the latest release 2.19. More.
  • Prestashop Live update - May 2024 will take place on May 15 at 04:00pm CEST. More.
  • DeviceFarmer v3.6.8 is released. New grant STFService permissions to be able to use featuresand Update STFService.apk to 2.5.2. More.
  • Spoon The open-source library for analyzing and transforming Java source code is now available in version 11.0 with dozens of fixes and feature improvemets. More.
  • Jeka Java developers can now try Jeka 0.11.0 for.a more straightforward build process. More.

Project of the month


XWiki is May 2024 OW2 Project of the month. The Content and Knowledge management platform is now proposed in version 16.3.0 with 78 issues solved. Recently, several XWiki extensions have been released. More

Community News

OSPO OnRamp Webinar, May 24 at 10:30 CEST


Join the next OnRamp webinar and listen to Bastien Guerry — Head of the Free software mission at DINUM, Inter-Ministerial Directorate of Digital Affairs (French State) who will present the actions of the free software mission. More.

OW2con'24, June 11-12, 2024, Paris-Châtillon




Don't forget to register for your (free) badge. Read the Press Release presenting the program. Last update: we will have a round table and other discussions around the CRA and AI Act new regulations. More.

Open Expo Europe, June 13, Madrid




If you are an OW2 member interested by meeting the Spanish community or if you are part of NGI Search and based in Madrid area, come give us a help to run the OW2 and showcase your project for free. More.

Open Source by OW2 Webinar Series, June 20 at 16:00 CET


After a successful launch of our new Webinar Series we are happy to announce the second episode, which will showcase an OW2 project and an NGI-Search project (ALLMA). Register to get the link. More

Open Source Experience, December 4-5, Paris



Save the date! Open Source Experience is coming back on december 4-5 in Paris Palais des Congrès, and OW2 will be part of it of course. More details soon.

Feedback on the OW2 MRL presentation at OnRamp meeting




If you missed the webinar, watch out the replay and discover recent news about the OW2 MRL (Market Readiness Levels): How to select the right open source solution? Get inspired by OW2 MRL! More.

Job Corner


We are glad to share with you several dozens of jobs offered by OW2 members at alter way, CEA List, INRIA, FactorFX, Linagora, OpenStudio, Orange, Prestashop, Worteks, XWiki, BlueMind and Engineering Group (jobs located mostly in Italy).

In the OW2 Ecosystem


Are you related closely to the OSPO of your organization? or working on setting up an OSPO? Join the open discussion coordinated by OSPO Alliance at OW2con'24 and meet with OSPO heroes!  


The Prestashop Day will take place in Paris next June 13, 2024, just after OW2con'24. The PrestaShop community will discuss the main topics in e-commerce, new technologies and open source software. More.


OSI announces the availability of the 2024 State of Open Source Report : this report provides insights, analyses and figures on Open Source Usage and Market Trends. Download the report.


The RPLL Free Software Professional meeting is organized on June 10 in Lyon by the CNLL's Rhônes-Alpes open source cluster (PLOSS-RA). We won't be able to attend due to OW2con but a poster will introduce OW2. More.


OSPOs for Good 2024, July 9-10, New-York: The symposium organized by the UN-Office, OSPO++ and OFE aims to foster collaboration among government, academia, and industry. More.

In our Research and Funding Projects


Fuel your open source software project thanks to the new NGI Zero Commons. Apply to the 2st open call. See the French video. More.


The 4th Open Call is now closed, the list of beneficiaries will be published soon. Check the supported project topics, and get ready to apply for the next (and last open call) starting in June.  More.


The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members, research projects and SMEs wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release or use cases. More.



We will start with the AlpOSS team a discussion about the continuation of this local event. An AlpOSS 2025 is very likely to happen, more details will come soon, stay tuned! 

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