May 2021 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - May 2021 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

The OW2 team have been busy preparing OW2con’21. The call for presentations is closed, our line-up of speakers is ready and our online platform is good to go. I am pleased to unveil the program of our annual conference. OW2con’21 attendees will have access to dozens of presentations and be able to chat with the speakers and our sponsors. All thanks to our proven open source, browser-based, interactive infrastructure we are proud of. While the technology presentations represent the main body of the programme, two sessions on governance and the open source ecosystem will give substance to this year's theme, "Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem". OW2con will also be the occasion for important announcements concerning our initiatives. Stay tuned!

We are grateful to our sponsors. They currently include Orange, Huawei, City of Paris, the Eclipse Foundation, Engineering, OnlyOffice, the Open Infrastructure Foundation, Microsoft, Red Hat and Worteks. We appreciate their support! Sponsorship is still open, so please check out our attractive sponsoring packages and don’t miss this opportunity to show your support.

As announced in our January newsletter, we have deployed our Market Readiness Levels project assessment methodology across our code base. Some fifteen projects are already assessed. The Market Readiness Levels is a business-oriented approach to open source projects unique to OW2. Our aim is to facilitate the adoption of OW2 software by mainstream decision-makers, i.e. those not necessarily familiar with open source.

On another ground, we are making significant progress with the OW2 OSS Good Governance initiative which proposes a blueprint for the implementation of Open Source Program Offices in any type of organisation. It provides a comprehensive approach for professionally managing relations with the world of open source software. Another way to address mainstream open source unique to OW2.

Attend OW2con'21 on June 23-24, registration will open shortly!

Thanking you for your on-going support,

Cedric Thomas


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

Project News

Project Updates

  • Sympa: new release 6.2.62 deprecated cookie configuration parameter, drop support for Perl 5.16 and fix a CVE. More.
  • FusionDirectory: announces sponsoring the project through GitHub platform is now enabled. This is an easy to use solution to financaly support the open source project you use. More.
  • XWiki: released version 13.3 that brings the ability to define default notification filters for new users. Security has been tightened by not allowing redirection to other domains without an explicit consent. 12.10.6 bug fix release was also published. More.
  • GLPI: new release 9.5.5 fixes a security issues recently discovered and several bugs. More.
  • Rocket.Chat: published version 3.14.0 with new features such as password history, chat hold message and much more. More.
  • LDAP Tool Box: LTB Self Service Password 1.4 was released. LDAP Tool Box Self Service Password is a PHP application that allows users to change their password in an LDAP directory. This versions introduces new features such as REST API, official Docker image, etc. More.
  • Lutece: a new release candidate for version 7.0.0 has been published. More.
  • BlueMind: covers accessibility in a very interesting blog post (in French) covering both legal and technical aspects. More.
  • OCS Inventory: announces version 2.9 that includes rework of deployment features, improve CVE API call and a lot of other improvements and bugs fixes. More.

Project of the month

Rocket.Chat is a workstream collaboration and livechat application for customer engagement. Rocket.Chat won the 2017 OW2 Best Project Innovation Award. More.


Community News

OW2con'21, June 23-24, Online

We are excited to announce the OW2con'21 program is published. Sponsorship is still open and registration will open soon. More.

OW2con'21 Best Project Award Contest

The OW2con'21 Best Project Award Contest is open! You are an OW2 Project Leader? Do not miss this opportunity of high recognition and visibility among the community and beyond. Submit now! More.

FASTEN Virtual Workshop, April 8, Online

Discover the replay and the slides of the FASTEN virtual workshop organized on April 8th "Risk Mitigation with Software Composition Analysis and Dependency Management". More.

OSS2021, May 12, Lahti, Finland (moved online)

Be sure to attend the OSS2021 Business Track "Industry Conference", chaired and organized by OW2 on May 12, morning. More.

Open Research Webinar Series, June 1, Online

This event series is organized in cooperation with the Eclipse Foundation to introduce european software research projects. Register to the June 1 webinar focusing on presentations of the BaSyx and FASTEN projects. More.

ReachOut test{fest} Contest

test{fest} is a competition organized by OW2 and the ReachOut project in the framework of OW2con'21 inviting beta-testers to try innovative software and rewarding them for their efforts. More.

OW2 Good Governance initiative

Check out the newly opened OSS Good Governance Resource Center. Work in progress! You are welcome to contribute and share content, best practices and experiences. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

Business Technology Group is a new GLPi partner in the USA. The IT consulting firm is representing GLPI portfolio to manage IT Infrastructures. More.


Check out this June 7 one-day celebration of open source, organised by our friends at Tidelift, inviting the developers who use it, and the maintainers who make it. The CFP is open until May 7. More.

In our Research Projects

Play the Platform Workflow Video and read the project glossary to learn DECODER secrets to extract and store new knowledge from your software. More.


Learn about FASTEN intelligent dependency management solution in this article. More.

OW2 Community Notices


The OW2 board and chairperson elections were completed at last Board meeting on March 18, 2021, shortly after our General Assembly which took place on March 5, 2021. More.



B-Boost Conference,October 14-15, La Rochelle, France

OW2 is partner of this second edition of B-Boost open source conference co-organized by French open source regional cluster NAOS and the CNLL. More.

Open Source Experience, November 9-10, Paris

The CFP of this new conference succeeding to Paris Open Source Summit is open (deadline June 24). OW2 is planning to organize a community booth, please contact us if you are interested to join. More.


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