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June 2009 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - June 2009 - From the OW2 Management Office] 

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,

The OW2 Community was once again present at JavaOne (see the pictures; and this is why this newsletter is rather later than usual). We proudly announced during the show that JOnAS completed the Java EE 5 (tm) compatibility certification, thus becoming the first open source application server based on OSGi (tm) to receive certification.

During the May 15th meeting, the board of directors voted Jean-Pierre Laisne as Chairperson again and Gael Blondelle Vice-President Technology of OW2. Congratulations to both! I have started working with them on the strategic assessment of the Consortium, more specifically our revenue and our open source models. We will soon start our discussions with the board as well as the OW2 community and will keep you posted.

The OW2 projects will be on stage in the "Enterprise development" track at LinuxTag, Berlin, June 24-27. Full program here.  Note that the upcoming meeting of the Technology Council will be held on June 24 in Berlin during LinuxTag; Fraunhofer FOKUS has kindly offered to be our host. The following meeting will be in Grenoble, in September.

There are now 17 teams registered to compete in our Programming Contest and we are still looking for sponsors. This is a unique opportunity for exposure in China and for connecting with top students from world-class universities.  Please check our (very affordable) sponsoring packages here

We are launching today our internal call for presentation at Devoxx 2009, probably the largest Java conference in Europe. The deadline is for June 22. Hurry!

Thank you for your support!

Cedric Thomas


11 Jun 09: XWiki Enterprise 1.9 released (Posted by: jvdrean)
10 Jun 09: Spagic 2.5.1 released (Posted by: gboccalon)
05 Jun 09: Orbeon Forms 3.7.1 Released (Posted by: ebruchez)
02 Jun 09: 64-bit JavaService code (Posted by: rutthenut)
29 May 09: ProActive Parallel Suite New Release Now Available (Posted by: cdalmass)
27 May 09: SAT4J 2.1 released! (Posted by: leberre)
27 May 09: XWiki Enterprise 1.9 Release Candidate 1 released (Posted by: jvdrean)
22 May 09: XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.6.4 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
22 May 09: XWiki Enterprise 1.8.4 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
18 May 09: Bonita 4.1.1 released (Posted by: mvaldes)
14 May 09: Spagic 2.5.0 released (Posted by: gboccalon)
13 May 09: XWiki Enterprise 1.9 milestone 2 released (Posted by: jvdrean)
11 May 09: XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.6.3 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
11 May 09: XWiki Enterprise 1.8.3 Released (Posted by: sdumitriu)


The Technology Council has recently accepted the following new projects in incubation:

- Open SUIT: SUIT stands for "Simple UI Toolkit" Open SUIT targets the rapid development of presentation layers dedicated to SOA.

- J2WS: 2WS is a transforming tool to help develop web services efficiently.

- JASptE: JASptE (Java EE Application Server Performance Test Environment) is used for Java EE application server performance testing. It extends the TPC-W benchmark to offer much more flexibility to Java EE application server performance testing.

- Ubistar: Ubistar is a platform which supports the development of pervasive computing applications.

- Eclipse Process Aspect Framework: This tool, an Eclipse plug-in based on EPF, can define process aspects and weave them into SPEM 2.0 (Software Process Engineering Meta-model 2.0) process models.

- Q-ImPrESS: IDE for predicting impact of design decisions on performance and other aspects of quality of service in component-based and service-oriented applications.

Please note we have updated the projects url on the OW2 Forg; they are now all in the following format:


Board of Directors

Jean-Pierre Laisné was elected Chairman of the Board. Gaël Blondelle was appointed Vice-President Technology of the Consortium. Summary of the minutes hereNext meeting of the Board of Directors will be on July 8, by phone.

Call for Presentation: Devoxx

- While this year again there is no official call for Devoxx, OW2 organizes an internal selection process in order to provide a collective submission of papers related to its projects. Submit your paper here

Programming Contest: Sponsors Required

- We now have 17 teams - two more than our initial target! - registered to participate in our programming contest.  We are now actively seeking sponsors. Check the sponsoring opportunities here

LinuxTag 2009

- Make a date to attend the "Enterprise development" track at LinuxTag, Berlin, June 24-27, where the OW2 projects will be on stage. See the full program here.  

CoTer Club

- The CoTer Club (IT for local government) will hold its 20th Congress in Strasbourg, France, June 16-17, 2009. OW2 Members Altic, Bull, eXo Platform and Talend will be present on the exhibition floor. More...

OSCON 2009

- The 2009 edition of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2009, OSCON, will be held July 20-24, 2009 in San Jose, California. OW2 will be present in the .org pavilion. More...

Business Ecosystem News

- eXo Portal and JCR (along with some related components) will be moved to All of eXo Platform's other projects will stay on OW2. More.

OW2 Europe Local Chapter

- Engineering, co-founder and strategic member of OW2 Consortium, has joined the OW2 Europe Local Chapter.

OW2 Webinar Center

 June presentations include: Interoperability Presentation (02/06), OSS Business Intelligence (11/06), SOFA2 Component based (16/06), QualiPSo Quality for OSS (25/06), Galaxy SOA (30/06). Register here.

OW2 Web site

Use the new section "Members Events" to promote events linked to your projects or your OW2 related activities. (see at the bottom right of the home page or click here)


CONSEGI in Brazil

- OW2 will take part in Congresso Internacional Sociedade e Governo Eletrônico – CONSEGI 2009 organized by OW2 Strategic Member SERPRO and SLTI in Brasilia, August 26-28.

OW2 Marketplace

- We will soon be launching a new community project aimed at helping members advertize internship opportunities. The objective is to help connect students and systems integrators or ISVs who use OW2 projects. Watch this space.

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