July 2023 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - July-August 2023 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

Last Newsletter before a well deserved summer break... But still some news:

OW2Con is just behind us, and there were so great people there I just can't believe it (we are so grateful to them, and our sponsors who made it possible!). You came from... 10 countries, all the community was there! Clearly, it was an incredible place for networking, with so many people that count in open source and digital commons - and the right number of participants to make contacts easy.

All the talks are now online: do not hesitate to watch the videos (and photos) if you missed the event!

Back to the first half of 2023: OW2 members are now considered strategic for sovereignty by EU states, like the France 2030 "cloud of trust" initiative with BlueMind and XWiki involved - plus an OW2Con sponsor and OW2 supporter, Belledonne Communications (Linphone). Note that XWiki is also implied in the equivalent German "Digital sovereign workplace". Of course we congratulate them!

OW2 is also gaining momentum among large OSS users and actors: TOSIT ("The Open Source I Trust"), the most powerful open source user group in France, joined OW2 as an Associate Organization, just 2 days before OW2Con where prominent TOSIT members were present, some of them sponsors: Orange, MAIF, BPCE...

Probably our involvement in OSS governance has a lot to do with it: our ongoing effort at the OSPO Alliance (with our "Good Governance" methodology handbook now available in English, French, German and Portuguese), but also a growing partnership with OSPO++, focused on public and university OSPOs, and a successful governance breakout session at OW2Con.

Also, OW2 welcomes a new project on board: the famous CryptPad collaborative office suite! And we are now an associate of OpenInfra Europe. And... what else?

Ah, yes, the 3rd NGI Search open call starts in August - and it may finance your next OSS innovation. But you will have time to apply in September as well!

So: Now it is time to wish you a pleasant summer break, then sure we'll have other good news to share with you :)

Have a nice vacation, and see you soon,

Pierre-Yves Gibello


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

Project News

Project Updates

  • Sympa: has published version 6.2.72 that brings several enhancements related to ARC, implementation of RFC 8058 for one-click unsubscribe, etc. and several bug fixes. More.
  • PrestaShop has released version 8.1 that brings a brand new product management page with significant performance improvements, a more efficiant image management with bulk actions and a lot more! More.
  • GLPI mmade available GLPI Agent 1.5. This version improve the support of Windows keystore, remoteinventory task benefits from several important bugs fixes, netdiscovery and netinventory support many new devices and much more. More.
  • Rocket.Chat released several bug fix versions of the 6.2 branch that fix for example k8s deployment, file upload in Safari and iOS devices, messages import, etc. More.
  • XWiki: published version 15.5. This release brings two important changes: CKEditor now suggests quick edit actions when the / key is pressed, and notifications have been improved. And it is already deployed on OW2 websites! More.
  • Lutece: Lutece Core version 7.0.9 is now available with a lot of changes. Take a look at the diff with version 7.0.8 to see all the latest improvements. More.
  • BlueMind share their expertise in migration from Zimbra to BlueMind with the help of "BM Migrator". More.

Project of the month

BlueMind is an open source messaging, agenda and collaboration platform, supporting LDAP directory synchronisation, mobile devices, webmail and Thunderbird clients. More.


Community News

Open Research Webinar

Next episode #10 is scheduled on Nov. 7. Replay the episode #9 video with SPADE drone ecosystem and NGI Search cascade funding project. More.

NGI Forum, 15-16 Nov. 2023, Brussels

NGI Forum 2023 will bring together researchers, innovators, industry representatives, policymakers, and users to interact on open, inclusive, trustworthy, and sustainable internet. More.

Open Source Experience, December 6-7, Paris

The OW2 community booth will host several members and projects. Join us and attend the sessions including up to three OW2 pending debates. More.

OW2con'23 photos, videos and presentations

It's not too late to enjoy the recorded sessions of OW2con'23 talks, presentations, and photos. A great edition with 200+ attendees. More.

OW2con'23 Best Project Awards

During the live ceremony at Paris Orange Gardens, ASM, BlueMind and OCS Inventory respectively won the technology, market, and community OW2con'23 Best Project Awards. More.

Good Governance Initiative Handbook Translations

The Good Governance Initiative handbook v1.1 is now available in Portuguese, French, German and English. More.

OW2 Community Notice

The next meeting of the OW2 Board of Directors will take place early Oct. Learn more about OW2 governance. More.

Job Corner

We are glad to share with you several dozens of jobs offered by OW2 members at alter way, FactorFX, OpenStudio, Prestashop, Worteks, and XWiki.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

TOSIT is now an OW2 associate organisation. Founded by major open source industry users, the French supporter association aims at making FLOSS software emerge, mainly in cybersecurity. More.


OW2 is a proud participant in OpenInfra Europe, an AISBL (International non-profit association) established under the laws of Belgium.


2023 marks the 25th Anniversary of Open Source and of the creation of OSI (Open Source Initiative). Many celebrations will take place during the year. Enjoy meanwhile this brief look back in history.

In our Research Projects

Receive EU support for your AI Search software through the NGI Search third open call. For more details on how to apply from 1 August to 2 Oct, view this previous webinar and check the first 10 beneficiaries.


The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members, research projects and SMEs wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release or use cases. More.


SFScon, 10-11 Nov. 2023 in Bolzano

OW2 members and partners are welcome to attend this hybrid event, the annual South Tyrol Free Software Conference. More.


If you are based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes area and want to prepare with us the next OW2 Grenoble Community Day, please join the local team at: mo at ow2.org.


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