July 2022 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - July-August 2022 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

We would like to thank all our community for the great moments spent together in June. After OW2con'22 and all the interesting content and animated debates you brought, our physical event in Paris was a delicious moment, particularly our 15-year anniversary community event: more than 40 of our friends were there, some from Italy, Belgium and Poland, and passionate discussions lasted well into the night!

All the OW2 team was present: a way to remind you that each of us is accessible, none is hidden behing the scene. You are welcome to fix technical issues with our sysadmin, discuss project strategy with our CTO, or interact with our marketing manager or community developer to synchronize communication. Each of us talks in the name of OW2 and contributes to our identity: this also makes OW2 unique.

More than ever, OW2 appears as a digital common, a safe harbour for those who believe in digital sovereignty, care for personal data protection and believe in the power of open source: the coming months will see us more involved in open science, open source in government institutions, methodology related to open source governance and adoption in global organizations... Open source and cooperation have to go mainstream: they are the basis of our freedom and independence in such an uncertain world.

So, sure this autumn will be full of changes and announcements: but first of all, let us wish you a great summer holiday!

Thanking you for making OW2 shine,

Pierre-Yves Gibello


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

Project News

Project Updates

  • GLPI: with the arrival of new libraries such as tabler, Bootstrap 5 and Twig, GLPI 10 is about to bring multiple visual and ergonomic improvements. More.
  • JORAM: The 5.19.0 release implements Jakarta JMS 3.0, and introduces several improvements and bug fixes. More.
  • KNOWAGE: Users can now leave their review about the software on Capterra, using their own language. More.
  • LDAP Tool Box: the Self Service Password 1.4.5 now allows end users to change or reset their password if they lost it. It works with any LDAP directory, including Active Directory. More.
  • OCS Inventory: the Server 2.10.0 version adds, among other features, a plugin deployment option for unix systems, a web console now compatible with PHP8, and improved archive/restore features. More.
  • Rocket.Chat: version 5.0.0 signals network disconnection during VoIP calls. A simple app to create polls is also part of great summer improvements. More.
  • XWiki: the version 14.5 brings Docker-based multi-page PDF export, and smarter image selection. It fixes bugs, including a few security issues. More.

Project of the month

Fusion Directory is an Identity Management Solution (IAM). Now with its own marketplace, the software simplifies and harmonizes identity management while focusing on security. It has reached a Market Readiness Level of 8, signaling an established outsider. More.

Community News

OW2con'22, June 8-9, 2022, online

Replay 42 OW2con'22 online sessions now and enjoy open source international talks with the support of our 2022 sponsors Huawei, Centreon, Microsoft, PrestaShop, City of Paris, Engineering, Morphemic, NGI Pointer, OnlyOffice, Worteks, FactorFX and Rocket.Chat. More.

OW2con'22 Best Project Award Winners

Congratulations to Prestashop (Community Award), GLPI (Market Award) and Telosys (Technology Award). This year ceremony photos illustrate the community involvement in our Open Cloud conference, the face-to-face part of OW2con’22. More.

Cloud Symposium, June 29-30, Paris

We were glad to interact with you at the OW2 community booth, and during the Open Cloud by OW2 talks and debates. Check out the uploaded photos and presentations. More.

OW2con'22 15 Year Anniversary, June 29, Paris

Following the first day of our face-to-face conference, several  members and partners joined us to celebrate OW2 15th Year Anniversary during a great diner cocktail in Paris. More.

Open Source Experience, November 8-9, Paris

Seize this opportunity to join our next OW2 Community Booth at OSXP 2022. Contact us for more details. More.

Open Research Webinar Series, Online

A SmartCLIDE demo and Spoon library will be commented during the next episode #7 of the joint OW2 and Eclipse webinar on Sept. 20. Register online free of charge. More.

OW2 Good Governance Initiative (GGi)

While we are actively working on GGI handbook international translations, don't miss the GGI talk at EclipseCon Europe 2022 by Daniel Izquierdo and Boris Baldassari. More.

Quick App Initiative (QAi) Paris Meetup, July 1st, 2022

Nice mention of the OW2 Quick App Initiative within the W3C MiniApp Standardization white paper! The OW2 Quick App initiative had a great meetup in Paris on July 1st with Aspiegel, Huawei, OW2 and Vonage sharing lots of ideas. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

French DINUM software call: all digital company offering open source software that might be useful to government or public agencies are invited to add their solutions to the GouvTech repository. More.


ActiveEon is recruiting engineers and sales representatives in data science for several international markets. More.


Read this article to secure BlueMind 4.7 using a Let’s Encrypt digital certificate. More.


The contest "Acteurs du Libre" organized by the CNLL in collaboration with Open Source Experience is open this year to non-French organizations. More.


EclipseCon Europe will take place on Oct. 24-27, in Ludwigsburg, including the face-to-face Eclipse SAAM on Cloud on Oct. 25. More.

In our Research Projects

The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members, research projects and SMEs wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release or use cases. More.


The FASTEN final review meeting is scheduled on September 16. Stay tuned. More.


SFScon 2022, November 11-12, Bolzano and online

The South Tyrol Free Software Conference will be an hybrid event this year again. As associate partner, OW2 will offer a session track on Nov. 11PM. More details on OW2 events soon.


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