December 2022 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - December 2022 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

This month OW2 has two major announcements for the community:

The first open call of "NGI Search" starts today! Open source projects in Europe that focus on Internet search (like data discovery and visualization, semantic search, NLP and vocal assistants...) can receive up to 150.000 EUR grant from the EU, the process is lightweight and suitable for SMEs, associations, research teams and even individuals (with a limit of 50.000 EUR).
OW2 is part of the project consortium, we run an open information webinar on Dec. 5: feel free to attend!

And the CFP for the next OW2 conference (OW2Con'23, June 14-15 in Paris) opens now: this year we put the focus on that major societal challenge we call "digital commons", embracing classical business, political decision and social economy, with concerns like sovereignty, cooperation, open data, governance getting melt together with the open source movement. Should we call that a revolution? Awakening of a new society? Do not hesitate to apply and share your insights!

I also take the occasion of this newsletter to remind our community that OW2 will always do its best to push your projects and technology forward: this month, the Jeka project contacted our technical council to announce a new release with improvements major enough to relay them here and on social networks. Feel free to do the same anytime you have a significant story to tell on the tech side. At OW2 there is no "small" project!

To conclude, I would like to warmly thank our members who were present to help or represent us at OSXP in Paris, a very successful event this year. And beyond: special thanks to Engineering in Italy, who represented OW2 along with our associate organization RIOS, the Italian OSS association, at SFSCon in Bolzano.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Pierre-Yves Gibello


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

Project News

Project highlight

After long months (years) of hard working, Jeka 0.10.0 has been released. This is a huge improvement from the last released versions:

  • Core model has been unified and polished, getting a satisfying API that should be close to the final (1.0.0) one.
  • Site and documentation has been greatly improved. Visit Jeka: Pure Java Build Tool
  • A first class IntelliJ plugin is available to use Jeka without needing to install it
  • Module has been re-organized in a mono-repo, leading in easier build - testing so improved quality

Now the project needs users in order to stabilize API and find out hidden bugs. Jeka is missing user due to long time periods between release. This should be fixed from 0.10.0 but for now, Jeka needs your help in order to spread the words.

Project Updates

  • GLPI published a presentation giving the latest news about the project and the work in progress including details about future evolutions of the solution. More.
  • FusionDirectory version 1.3.1 has been published. This version strength the security thanks to an audit performed by an independent company. It also includes several fixes to improve user experience.More.
  • Sympa version 6.2.70 has been release and includes a long list of features improvement, bug fixes and updated translations. More.
  • BlueMind discuss the pros and cons of webmail vs desktop mail client and highlight the key differentiators of BlueMind webmail such as the capability to work offline! More.
  • Rocket.Chat: released several versions to provide security and bug fixes but also release candidates of version 5.4.0 with improved Matrix federation, new API endpoints and several other improvements and bug fixes.More.
  • XWiki version 14.10 is out! This version includes a new export dialog, makes the new browser-based PDF export and the new image selector the default. It also adds a feature to restrict attachment mimetypes. This release also fixes bugs including several security vulnerabilities, so upgrading is highly recommended.More.

Project of the month

Rocket.Chat is an open source collaboration platform that has the largest and most active chat community on GitHub. Rocket.Chat won the 2017 OW2 Best Project Innovation Award. More.

Community News

OW2con'23, June 14-15, 2023, Paris-Châtillon

We are very pleased to announce the opening of the Call For Presentations for our next annual conference OW2con'23! Check out details and send a proposal now (deadline February 26). More.

Open Source Experience, November 8-9, Paris

A very strong presence for the OW2 community, members and partners at Paris Palais des Congrès early November. Look up the conference sessions and booth photos. More.

SFScon 2022, November 11-12, Bolzano and online

OW2 member Knowage and RIOS associate organization proudly carried the association colours at Bolzano yearly Free Software Conference. More.

Open Research Webinar Series, January 24, Online

Highlighting OW2 CLIF software, the Open Research webinar episode #8 is scheduled on January 24, 16:00 CET. Save the date! More.

FOSDEM, February 4-5 2023, Brussels

We have submitted for a booth and a talk at FOSDEM 2023, and are looking forward to the results. If you are planning to be there, let us know!

Good Governance Initiative (GGi) and OSPO Alliance

GGI and OSPO Alliance were well represented at OSXP, SFScon and RIOS open source week. See the press release (english) or the ZDnet article (French) announcing version 1.1 of the GGI Handbook. More.

Quick App Initiative (QAi)

The Quick App initiative participated to OSXP with a Paris version of the open source, open data Heritage In project now on the GitHub space, and spoke at two open data panels. More.

OW2 Community Notice

The next OW2 Board meeting will be held on December 16, at 9:30am CET remotely. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

ActiveEon recognized in the 2022 Gartner Hype Cycle for Infrastructure & Operations Automation. More.

In our Research Projects

Join the NGI Search fist open call presentation webinar, December 5 at 1:00pm CET. Learn about funding opportunities in the area of Internet search (data discovery and visualization, semantic search, NLP and vocal assistants...) . More.


The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members, research projects and SMEs wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release or use cases. More.


We invite you to have a look at our event plan for 2023, and contact us with any plan of participation, proposal to represent OW2, suggestion of additional event, etc. We'll be happy to hear from you!


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