December 2017 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - December 2017 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

I am pleased to announce that the theme of OW2con'18 is to be: “Open Source Software: A Journey Between Values and Value”. Free software was defined a generation ago by the freedom to use, read, modify and redistribute the code, four simple rules that have had the power to transform the software industry. What started off as an efficient technical-legal construct based on ethical values of sharing and openness to cooperate effectively on software development efforts has gone on to become open source software, a disruptive way to create market value, either as a business model or a vehicle for collaborative innovation. OW2con’18 will focus on the many facets of open source software and its journey between values and value. The Call for Presentations and the opportunities for sponsorship will be published later this month. Stay tuned!.

Meanwhile, the CHOReVOLUTION beta testing campaign is in full swing. Download the entire IDRE packaged in a ready-to-go virtual machine, fill in the feedback questionnaire and, who knows, you might win a drone!

This week at Paris Open Source Summit, OW2 will be everywhere with members and partners ActiveEon, Engineering, Ikoula and Savoir-faire Linux, and the Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi) and several other projects on the OW2 Village, OW2 members Alterway, BlueMind, Inria and XWiki on the exhibition floor and five conference sessions coordinated by OW2.

Thanking for your on-going support,

Cedric Thomas

PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our home page and in this newsletter.

Project News

Project Updates

  • LemonLDAP::NG 1.9.14 is out! A minor release for LemonLDAP::NG 1.9, this includes bugfixes and enhancements such as a new Kerberos authentication module and SAML support of Office365. Read more.
  • Hammr 3.7.8 is out! Featuring an update of the Microsoft Azure connector, this release also supports the deployment of instances from published images to Azure ARM, and an improved output display of the deploy command. Read more.
  • XWiki 9.10 has been released! This release focuses principly on improving the new Notifications feature. Read more.
  • System Designer and System Runtime 2.1.0 are out! These are maintenance releases introducing a command for development mode, more tests and an improved documentation. Read more.

Community News

OW2con'18, June 7-8, 2018, Paris-Chatillon

Preparations for the next OW2 annual conference are underway. The theme of OW2con'18 is to be: “Open Source Software: A Journey Between Values and Value”. Save the date on your calendar and stay tuned for the Call for Presentations, opening December 15th. More

Paris Open Source Summit, December 6-7, Paris

Just two days until POSS! Don't forget to reserve your badge!. Visit booth #C18/D19 shared with ActiveEon, Knowage (Engineering Group), Savoir-faire Linux, iKoula, CHOReVOLUTION, and the Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi). Attend the four conference sessions coordinated by OW2 and don't miss the Free Beer party, Dec. 6th at 5:30pm. More.

FOSS-Backstage Micro Summit, November 20, Berlin

OW2 CEO Cédric Thomas participated in the Micro-Summit, to prepare major event "FOSS Backstage", to be held in June 2018 in Berlin. The event will focus on everything related to FOSS governance and open collaboration. More.

Collaborative Projects

Participate in the CHOReVOLUTION beta testing campaign: try it, fill in the feedback questionnaire for a chance to win a drone and, if you are in Paris, attend the hands-on workshop at POSS. More.


The OCCIware project is over. Read the Press Release announcing the results and projects of industrial exploitation. See OCCIware at Paris Open Source Summit.


Attend the STAMP project presentation at POSS and learn about new testing tools for DevOps. More.

In the OW2 Community Ecosystem

Come and meet initiative participants, Oceane Consulting, Orange and Worldline on the OSAi (OW2 Open Source Accessibility initiative) booth in the OW2 Village at POSS and don't miss the dedicated conference session. More.

Visit our 10th Anniversary Section

Discover the latest testimonials and our three infographics: OW2 by numbers, OW2 timeline and the OW2 process. You are welcome to contribute your own testimonial.  

Associate Organizations

Argentina CAdESoL (Chamber of Free Software Companies) is now an associate organization of OW2.  More.


Argentina SADIO (Society of Information Technology) has also become an OW2 associate organization. Bienvenidos! More.

OW2 Community Notice


Board meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held, by web-conference, on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 9:30am to 12:30pm (Paris time).



FOSDEM, February 3-4, Brussels


FOSDEM is one of our events planned for 2018. We have applied for a booth and a conference. Stay tuned and contact us if you would like to join us at FOSDEM!

Cloud Computing World Expo, March 21-22, Paris


OW2 will be at Cloud Computing World Expo 2018. We will have a booth and several conference sessions will be coordinated by OW2. Contact us if you would like to join us on the booth.

fisl, Porto Alegre, July 11-14, Porto Alegre


fisl conference was postponed from October 2017 to July 11-14, 2018. Stay tuned for more information about OW2's presence!

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