New Member Corporate or Strategic Onboarding Package

You have joined OW2 as new Corporate or Strategic member. Welcome aboard!  This page contains useful information, links and resources to help you make the best out of OW2.

Access to election process and spaces

As a Corporate member you are entitled to elect the representatives of Corporate members at the Board of Directors. See the Governance page to know more about the election process.

Mailing Lists

As a new member you are automatically registered to the list corporate-members AT or strategic-members AT depending on your membership status. You have the opportunity to browse, select and subscribe to other OW2 mailing lists related to your activities and center of interest at any time.  


In addition please contact us and provide us with the name of a contact person for our Marketing mailing list, dedicated to events and promotional activities.

Index of Mailing lists


You are automatically registered to the OW2 newsletter recipient list. The OW2 newsletter is an open communication space sent to all community members and participants and can be used as a communication channel to relay member news. Do not hesitate to send your news proposals.

Newsletter archives


As an OW2 member, you are welcome to take advantage of our OW2 Webinar platform to promote your project and activities. Webinars replays are available from the OW2 website and also on Youtube to ensure visibility even outside the community.

OW2 Webinar platform access


New members can easily join, participate in and contribute to one of the on-going initiatives. Within an Initiative, OW2 Members work together to develop both technical integration between projects and business synergies in order to address specific market needs. The process to join the initiatives is explained on each initiative page. 

Initiative pages

OW2 Annual Conference “OW2con”

OW2con is the annuel gathering of the OW2 Community, with the presence of members, project leaders, and opensource stakeholders at large. A unique opportunity for members to present their project or activities and leverage the OW2 ecosystem. (ex.:

Social Networks

Make sure you take advantage of OW2 presence in the social networks. We concentrate on three platforms: Twitter, Slideshare and LinkedIn.

twitter.png  Twitter account: @ow2 All messages including the OW2 hashtag are relayed on OW2. 

slideshare.png  OW2 slideshare account: Publication of presentations from members and projects. 

linkeindgroup.jpg OW2 Consortium Linkedin Group. Accessible to all members to start discussion or post news.

Contact Information

All requests for general topics can be sent to: management office

For any specific question, do not hesitate to contact directly the person in charge within the Management Office team.

We look forward to working with you!