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Open Source Experience 2023


Open Source Experience 2023

December 06 - 07, 2023

Paris Palais des Congrès


Come and visit us on our Community Booth at Open Source Experience 2023!

The OW2 Community will be visible this year on the booth #H24. 

If you are an OW2 member, please consider joining us and sharing the village to showcase your projects and solutions. The Community village will be ideally located along OSXP main aisle and close from our partners. The illustration below gives an idea of the booth set up. 

The package includes:
- global signage and visibility as an exhibitor (entry on OSXP exhibitor directory)
- individual counter + stool
- the blue carpet
- the generic OW2 visual on partition including OW2 member logos
- individual signage for each booth with member logo and tagline
- a screen
- to be shared: brochure holder and meeting space (table and three chairs)

Contact us for more information and cost to participate. 

Discover OW2 members in the conferences

1) LinPhone

Talk one: How and why secure communications today against tomorrow's attacks? Johan Pascal, Freelance software security consultant for Belledonne Communications will run the talk. 

We are going to talk about current developments in the field of quantum computing, which pose a growing threat to the cryptographic algorithms used today, for example in secure voice-over-IP and instant messaging applications. Although such a quantum computer has not yet been officially announced, some governments recommends protecting data against this type of attack by 2030. The encrypted data shared today could be stored and decrypted soon thanks to this breakthrough innovation. This is because encrypted data shared today could be stored and decrypted in the future by such quantum computers. That's why it's important to encrypt them today using algorithms that are robust to this type of attack. The Linphone application, for example, is one of the world's first open source communications software applications to have implemented the winning algorithm in the encryption key category, CRYSTALS-Kyber. One of the key milestones was the development of a modified version of the standard ZRTP encryption protocol.

Talk 2 : Telephony in the workplace: how to support the transition to software-only solutions. Jehan Monnier, the cofounder of Belledonne Communications will run the talk. 

The company telephony is constantly evolving, with IT and telecoms departments coming closer together within organisations over the last decade. Hardware IP telephones and physical servers are gradually being supplemented, or even replaced, by workstations on PCs and virtualised servers, or even by solutions offered in SaaS mode by service providers. Increased teleworking requires solutions that allow users to be mobile, and raises new issues of network and communications security. Finally, the rise of smartphones in the 2010s has rapidly led to the emergence of proprietary communications applications for the mass market, posing new challenges for developers of telecoms solutions. We will be presenting the complete open source client/server software solution for deploying and modernising your Voice over IP infrastructure.

About Open Source Experience:
Led by Systematic Paris Région, Open Source Experience is the meeting place for the entire free software sector, which brings together more than 6 000 professionals for 2 days! A place for technological exchanges, meetings and business opportunities dedicated to open source and all open digital players.
Visit: https://www.opensource-experience.com/en/

OW2 is seeking a marketing freelance


OW2 is seeking a marketing freelance

August 02 - 02, 2023

Home-based job


[French version]
La communauté open source OW2 recherche une collaboration avec un/une travailleur indépendant(e) du secteur marketing et/ou évènementiel pour l'organisation de sa conférence annuelle (en Juin 2024) : OW2con'24.

OW2 est une communauté informatique indépendante dédiée à la promotion de logiciels open source pour les systèmes d'information et à l’animation de leur écosystème. Chaque année, OW2 rassemble à l'occasion de sa conférence annuelle environ 200 participants (30% d'étrangers), incluant des experts, responsables de service informatique, architectes, développeurs et chefs de projets open source.

Période et durée de la mission: la prestation s'étalera sur une période allant de février à juin, sur une base d'une demi-journée par semaine au démarrage, évoluant jusqu'à une journée par semaine avant l'évènement. Nous prévoyons une enveloppe d'environ 6 à 10 journées au total. La présence sur place à Paris courant juin est à prévoir (les dates seront précisées ultérieurement, prévoir 3 jours de déplacement, les frais seront pris en charge).


  • Suivi et mise à jour du retro-planning existant, en soutien et en collaboration avec la Responsable Evènement OW2.
  • Gestion des prestataires (consultations, choix, suivi des commandes, facturation, accueil et suivi pendant l'évènement).
  • Participation à la définition et l'implémentation du plan de communication, et contribution à l'animation communautaire en amont de l'évènement, aide au recrutement de participants.
  • Participation aux autres tâches selon les besoins et disponibilités.

Le/la prestataire devra faire preuve de d'initiatives et capacités d'adaptations, d'un niveau correct d'anglais (anglais écrit minimum requis). Une expérience de base dans l'évènementiel, ainsi qu'une connaissance du secteur informatique et de l'open source seraient appréciées.

Merci de contacter: catherine.nuel@ow2.org


[English version]
The OW2 open source community is looking for a collaboration with a freelancer specializing in marketing and/or events management for the organization of its annual conference (in June 2024): OW2con'24.

OW2 is an independent IT community dedicated to the promotion of open source software for information systems and the animation of their ecosystem. Each year, OW2 brings together around 200 participants (30% from abroad) at its annual conference, including experts, IT managers, architects, developers and open source project managers.

Period and duration of the mission: the mission will be spread over a period from February to June, on the basis of half a day per week at the start, evolving to one day per week before the event. We anticipate an envelope of approximately 6 to 10 days in total. Presence on site in Paris during June is to be expected (the dates will be specified later, allow 3 days of travel, the costs will be covered).

Description of tasks:

  • Follow-up and update of the existing retro-planning, in support and in collaboration with the OW2 Event Manager.
  • Management of suppliers (consultations, choice, follow-up of orders, invoicing, reception and follow-up during the event).
  • Participation in the definition and implementation of the communication plan, and contribution to community animation before the event, help in recruiting new participants.
  • Participation in other tasks according to needs and availability.

The freelancer must show initiative and adaptability, a good level of English (minimum written English required). Basic experience in events, as well as knowledge of the IT sector and open source would be appreciated.

Thanks for contacting: catherine.nuel@ow2.org

Welcome message from OW2 new 2023 President


Welcome message from OW2 new 2023 President 

April 06, 2023


Hello readers, 

It is with great excitement and humility that I tread into the shoes that Jean Parpaillon has so wonderfully worn over the last several years as OW2 President. I want to thank Jean for his support, and you, the OW2 community, for electing me to the board. And I would like to thank the OW2 board for naming me as Board President. What an honour.

It seems that open source has been standing repeatedly at one crossroads or another over the last few years, and 2023 is no different. The proposed EU CRA text shows that despite the near-ubiquitous reach of open source into every nook and cranny of government, education, industry and innovation, we must continue to stand up and make our voices heard. OW2 was a co-signatory to an open letter about this.

And the issues of open source community resilience and sustainability, not to mention code and digital supply chain security, continue to be growing concerns.
OW2 has always been a bastion of open source ideals, support and education. Seeing the weight and respect our "small" organisation commands in the European arena is truly impressive. And this is very much due to the energy, efforts, trust, and support that you, the community and the fantastic management team, provide.

Over the coming months, OW2 will be present at events in Spain and France, not to mention organising OW2con'23 in Paris! I hope you're already spreading the word far and wide (attracting new members is always good), and I look forward to seeing you there in June.

Partnership signed between OW2 and DINUM


Partnership signed between OW2 and DINUM 

January 04 - 04, 2023



We are pleased to announce that we signed a partnership agreement with the French DINUM (interministerial digital department) for the year 2023. 

With this agreement signed for 2023, we will provide French government's DINUM  and public actors with the tools and methodological approaches recommended by OW2 in the context of the professionalization of free software: the MRL tool and the GGI methodology.

Market Readiness Levels

MRL stands for Market Readiness Levels and provides an indicator of professional usability of open source software.
To find more information about MRL, please go to: https://www.ow2.org/view/MRL/

Good Governance Initiative

GGI stands for Good Governance Initiative and is a methodology which helps to set up an Open Source Program Office. This methodology is developed within the OSPO Alliance. 

To find more information about GGI and the OSPO Alliance, please go to: https://ospo.zone/

To read the convention (PDF, in French) : OW2/ DINUM Convention

New release 1.1 for the OSS Good Governance Handbook

Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 10.16.18.png

New release 1.1 for the OSS Good Governance Handbook 

November 09 - 10, 2021

Paris - Open Source Experience


OSS_Good_Governance_Handbook_UK_480.jpgThe Open Source Good Governance Handbook collaboratively developed in the framework of the OW2 Open Source Good Governance initiative was announced at the Paris Open Source Experience 2021 by the OSPO Alliance. Discover the handbook online or download it. Paperback version can also be purchased at Lulu or Amazon.

OSPO Alliance Announces the OSS Good Governance Handbook
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 08:00

The OSPO Alliance today announced the publication of the first version of the Open Source Good Governance Handbook. Collaboratively developed in the framework of the OW2 Open Source Good Governance initiative, the handbook introduces a methodology to implement professional management of open source software in an organisation. It addresses the need to use open source software properly and fairly, safeguarding organisations from technical, legal and IP threats, and maximising for them the advantages of open source.

This methodology goes beyond compliance and liability. It is about building awareness in communities of end-users (open software developers themselves) and systems integrators, and developing mutually beneficial relationships within the FOSS ecosystem.

The Good Governance Handbook provides a comprehensive methodology based on a few key concepts. From a generic perspective, the approach is structured along five Goals (Usage, Trust, Culture, Engagement and Strategy), each supported by five Canonical Activities described in the handbook. At execution stage, the methodology requires adapting the Canonical Activities to the specific condition of each organisation by transferring them into Customized Activity Scorecards which, put together, constitute a roadmap for setting up and running an Open Source Program Office (OSPO) and a management system to monitor progress.

The OSS Good Governance Handbook is the first major publication of the OSPO Alliance to help companies and public institutions implement an Open Source Program Office (OSPO).  The OSPO Alliance provides an organisation-neutral venue for contributors to share resources, experience and skills. Supporters can opt to contribute in several ways: at the new OSPO.Zone website, contribute directly to the next steps of the Good Governance Initiative methodology, and share their experiences (both successes and failures!) as case studies or with more informal short interviews. 

“This publication is the result of nearly two years of collaborative work with OW2 members and OSS practitioners. We are now moving to the implementation and customization phase with some key adopters of the methodology. We are excited to publish this effort with the OSPO Alliance,” said Cédric Thomas, CEO of OW2.

The OSPO Alliance is also pleased to welcome eight new supporters, including the Free Software Foundation Europe, SAP, and WiPro.

Quotations From Supporters About Their Participation In the OSPO Alliance:

“APELL (Association Professionnelle Européenne du Logiciel Libre), Europe’s Open Source Business Association, and its national members, are eager to support the mission of the OSPO Alliance. Europe is an open source champion, and there is still massive potential to tap everywhere from large and small software vendors to big open source users, both in the private and public sectors. We see that this partnership will be very important to strengthening not only Europe's but the world's capacity to use and contribute to open source at an even greater scale. Increased understanding of open source governance and the establishment of Open Source Programme Offices hold massive potential to enable open innovation at large in society,” said Timo Väliharju, Founder and board member of APELL.

“The CNLL, the association representing the free software sector in France, has long supported the creation of OSPOs, or "free software missions", in France, at the level of the Government but also at the level of major local authorities, as well as at the European level. The mission of these OSPOs in France should be to make concrete the notion of "encouraging the use of free software" within the administration, as provided for in Article 16 of the Digital Republic Act (or Lemaire Act) of 2016. These OSPOs should network with each other and with organizations representing the industry in order to fully realize the economic and strategic benefits of OSS in Europe,” said Stéfane Fermigier, co-president of CNLL.

“The OSB Alliance – Bundesverband für digitale Souveränität e.V. represents about 170 companies from the Open Source economy. We are committed to sustainably anchoring the central importance of open source software and open standards for a digitally sovereign society in the public consciousness.

“For the OSB Alliance establishing an OSPO is a great strategic approach for public or private organisations to professionalize their engagement with the Open Source Ecosystem. So we see the OSPO Alliance as an exciting new European initiative to support organisations in the public, private or academia sector with information and best practices on OSPOs. Such support can especially accelerate the process of setting up important OSPOs as planned e.g. at EU level or the planned Zendis in Germany,” declared Peter Ganten, Chairman of the OSBA-Board.

FSFE Logo     
“The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a charity that empowers users to control technology. Since 2001 the FSFE has been enhancing users' rights by abolishing barriers for software freedom. For 20 years FSFE has been helping individuals and organisations to understand how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination.

Joining OSPO.Zone is another brick in the wall to ensure that more Free Software is developed and used - be it in the private or governmental sector. Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software. To make sure that these rights are understood and used an OSPO can make a difference,” said Matthias Kirschner, President Free Software Foundation Europe

About the OSPO Alliance:
The OSPO Alliance was established by leading European open source non-profit organisations, including OW2, Eclipse Foundation, OpenForum Europe, and Foundation for Public Code, and experienced practitioners with the aim to grow awareness for open source in Europe and to globally promote structured, responsible and professional management of open source by companies and administrations. OSPO.Zone is the new website for delivering the resources and collaboration envisaged by the OSPO Alliance. Learn more at https://ospo.zone.