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The Business Intelligence Initiative documents

In the following the BI Initiative documents and deliverables are available. Please, freely add your comments and suggestions. The BI Initiative team will include them in the next version of the documents.

About the BI Initiative

BIInitiativeCharter.jpg PDF.bmp - BI Initiative Charter 2010-09-03 - The document (version 2.0) provides all information on the BI Initiative at the time of its inception.
OW2-BIInit-Manifesto.jpg PDF.bmp - BI Initiative Manifesto 2008-05-12 - The document provides the reasons of the BI Initiative, its objectives, main activities, main topics and expected deliverables.
OW2-BIinitiativeFlyer.jpg PDF.bmp - BI Initiative Flyer 2010-09-03 - The document presents BI Initiative. It's useful as a marketing material.

Press Release


PDF.bmp - OW2 Consortium launches the BI Initiative at Solutions Linux Paris 2008-01-31 - OW2 Consortium launches a new Initiative in the Business Intelligence (BI) domain at the OW2 Conference, held at the Solutions Linux Paris trade show. An OW2 Initiative is a market-driven collaborative activity undertaken to promote adoption of the Consortium's technologies by mainstream market players; it facilitates technology integration between the OW2 projects and helps build business synergies between members and non-members.


PDF.bmp - Engineering and Igres release a new open source analytical platform for the development of enterprise level applications 2009-12-10 - The collaboration between Engineering, leading provider of IT services, and Ingres Corporation, the leading open source database management company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT , has brought to a new bundle enterprise solution for Business Intelligence projects, which is entirely open source. ..... SpagoBI/Ingres Analytical Platform is the result of the collaboration started within the OW2 BI Initiative, between Engineering and Ingres, both members of the international OW2 Consortium.


PDF.bmp - The collaboration between Engineering and Novell has brought to the innovative open source SpagoBI Analytical Appliance for the Business Intelligence market 2010-04-08 - ... The collaboration between Novell and Engineering's SpagoBI team has brought to the new Open Source SpagoBI Analytical Appliance for Business Intelligence projects, thanks to SUSE® Studio™, which is an innovative tool for the development of software appliances based on Suse Linux Enterprise, as part of the SUSE Appliance Program. ..... SpagoBI Analytical Appliance is released as an entirely open source virtual machine, downloadable from the OW2 Consortium forge. It is the result of the efforts of Engineering's SpagoBI team within the OW2 BI Initiative. This is an activity driven under the umbrella of the OW2 Consortium, which is an independent industry community, dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure and to fostering a vibrant community and a business ecosystem.


PDF.bmp - A new Analytical Appliance has been released thanks to the joint effort of Engineering and Ingres in the Business Intelligence domain within OW2 Consortium 2010-04-15 - Engineering Group, the leading provider of infrastructure software in Italy, and Ingres, the leading open source database management company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT, in cooperation with Novell, leading provider of infrastructure software, announced today the release of the SpagoBI Analytical Appliance, a new open source analytical appliance for the business intelligence (BI) market. ..... The SpagoBI Analytical Appliance was developed through the cooperation of leading providers of open source solutions and through Engineering's effort inside its SpagoWorld initiative and the OW2 BI Initiative, managed by OW2 Consortium. This is the ideal community fostering the development of new cases of industrial cooperation. SpagoBI Analytical Appliance is available for download at the OW2 Consortium Forge.


OSBIadoption.jpg PDF.bmp - Open Source BI adoption\ 2009-01-13 The document briefly introduces the state of the art of Open Source Business Intelligence adoption as a framework for other deliverables of the BI Initiative. The aim of this paper is not to provide one more OS BI survey, but to present a complete view of tools and frameworks that an organization approaching the BI context could adopt to cover all the field of business analysis.
OSBIopenResearchIssues.jpg PDF.bmp - OS BI: Open Research Issues\ 2008-12-22 - The paper propose a list of relevant research issues related to data warehouse and business intelligence and analyses how and why they can be used to create the second generation of business intelligence tools. Both a mid and long term approach to improve OS BI platforms has been suggested.
EndUserScenario-StatAnalysis.jpg PDF.bmp - End users' scenario for OS BI - Statistical Data Life Cycle Management\ 2009-01-29 This document investigates the statistical Data Life cycle Management (DLM) as a prominent end users' scenario for OS BI. The first part of the paper describes the needs of the different actors intervening in the statistical data life cycle; a second part is dedicated to the description of a statistical DLM scenario. In conclusions, a proposal for a next step is given.
OW2-CS-SpagoBI-Xaltia-10.jpg PDF.bmp - End users' success stories 2009-03-30 A first success story of SpagoBI and Talend Open Studio adoption in the context of Telco market sector is provided. Xaltia, a company of Engineering Group, has adopted the tools of OW2 BI Initiative for the analysis and reporting of services supplied on SMS, WAP and MMS channels by the mobile operators.