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The Process

The BI Initiative is focused on various activities delivering different results. Main activities are:
  • technological activities, promoting the integration of the OW2 OS BI stack
  • non-technological activities, producing white papers, scenarios, success stories, guidelines, etc
  • research activities, joining current academic investigations
  • communication activities.

    Technological deliverables promote actual OW2 technologies, from the users' and integrators' point of view, bringing them to the mainstream. On the basis of the non-technological deliverables:

  • a mid-term improvement of the OS BI stack will be realized
  • an architecture model for the next generation of OS BI platform will be defined and a reference implementations will be developed.

Non-technological deliverables

First deliverables are:
  • Open Source Business Intelligence adoption - white paper
  • Open Research Issues for BI and OS BI Platforms - white paper
  • End users' scenarios for OS BI in different contexts (e.g.: statistical analysis, CRM, marketing intelligence)
  • End users' success stories.
Find the available deliverables

Technological deliverables

First deliverables are:You can download them here:
Next deliverables will be:
  • webinars, movies, user guidelines and tools supporting the SpagoBI / Talend Open Studio integration.