China Launch and Meetings

OW2 Launch and Meetings in China (May 2007)


End of May 2007, the OW2 Consortium was officially lauched in China during a meeting hosted by Beihang University and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China. This launch was followed by a number of meetings and visits to Chinese Members and prospective Members to update them on OW2. As a result of these meetings we started working on a new Initiative, the Embedded Software Initiative and two new Members joined the Consortium: Intervision and TongTech.

Members of the Management Office participating in these meetings included: Cedric Thomas (OW2), Emma SHU (CVIC SE), Julie Marguerite (THALES), Cherry BIAN (CVIC SE).We are grateful to Stefano De Panfilis (ENGINEERING) and Grégory Lopez (THALES) who attended the launch and represented OW2 Members from Europe.


The following is a brief report of our meetings in pictures.

OW2 launch at the Beihang University


Left to right in picture above: ZHOU Minghui (PKU), LIU Jiangning (CVIC SE), WEI Jun (ISCAS), MA Dianfu (BUAA), Stefano De Panfilis (ENGINEERING), MEI Hong (PKU), Cedric Thomas (OW2), WANG Chun Heng (MOST), HUAI Jinpeng (MOST), JING Xinhai CVIC SE), Julie Marguerite (THALES), CHENG Jianping (CVIC SE), Grégory Lopez (THALES). Not on the picture: ZHU Mingyuan (CORETEK, left on second raw in picture below), Emma SHU (CVIC SE), Cherry BIAN (CVIC SE). Please note not all participants in this meeing could be listed here.

This meeting represented the official launch of OW2 in China. It took place within an event organized for the 863 program. There were two parts, the first one was dedicated to OW2 and the second one to the presentation of six incubators.

Thank you to OW2 members attending: BUAA, CVIC-SE, DOCSC, Engineering, ISCAS, PKU and THALES which, by their presence, demonstrated their support of the consortium.

In a follow-up discussion, Mr. WANG Chun Heng (MOST), Prof. HUAI Jinpeng (BUAA) and Chairman JING Xinhai (CVIC SE) agree that a) it is necessary to set-up a roadshow in China to explain OW2 and Open Source and b) that case studies are an important and efficient way to demonstrate OW2 technologies are actually implemented by companies. CVIC SE will provide at least one case study.

Press release issued in the Chinese press were published at:

E-Governement Initiative Meeting

Participants: Thales (Grégory Lopez , Julie Marguerite) ENG (Stefano De Panfilis), PKU (Zhou Minghui), ISCAS (Song Jingyu), DOCSC (Yi Changtao), TongTech (Gao Ke), BUAA (Ma Dianfu, Li Jing), CVIC SE (Liu Jiangning), CSIP.

Embedded Initiative Meeting

Participants: OW2 (Cedric Thomas), CVIC-SE/OW2 (Emma SHU, Cherry Bian), LIAMA (Vania Joloboff), Core Tek (ZHOU Mingyuan), KIMMA (HE Jianbiao), CSIP (LIU Longgeng), TOSP (LI Erwei), INTERVISION( Wayne WANG).


Local Chapter meeting

ChinaLCmeeting.JPGLeft to right: YI Changtao (DOCSC), Cherry Bian (CVIC-SE), Julie Marguerite (THALES), Cedric Thomas (OW2), Emma SHU (CVBIC-SE)


Mr. ZHU Mingyuan, President of CoreTek:




Left to right: LI Chunqing, CTO,. ZHU Liwei, Chief Architect,
 Not on he picture: Ms. QICHUN Zhang, Chairwoman of the Board, Cedric Thomas (OW2),



Developers team listening to the presentation of OW2 at Intervision. Left in the back: Mr. Wayne WANG, CEO.



Left: Stéphane Grumbach, French Director; right: Vania Joloboff.

Beihang University


Left to right: LI Jing, Dr. Jun HAN, Julie Marguerite, Cedric Thomas, Prof. MA Dianfu, Dr. ZHU Yan


Peking University and ISCAS


Left to right: Song Jingyu, Prof. Wei Jun, ZHOU Minghui

Shanghai 863 Program Incubator:

Cherry Bian with the director of the 863 Software Incubator in Shanghai


Shanghai Service Center


Visiting the 863 Incubator with Irving ZHANG, Vice Director of the Shanghai Service Center and David LI