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37 37 == Future Internet Initiative ==
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39 -The Future Internet intiative is currently being launched. It is based on the FP7 CHOReOS project. This initiative was approved by the OW2 Board of Directors in 2012 and launched in Q1 2013. Stay tuned.
39 +The Future Internet Software and Services initiative (FISSi) is a joint effort by OW2 and non-OW2 members promote technologies for the development and run-time of ultra-large scale service-oriented solutions for the Future Internet. FISSi publishes open source code freely available from the OW2 code base. FISSi leverages the technology developed by CHOReOS, a three years EU-funded R&D project that provides the technical platform to build next-generation context-aware, ultra-scalable applications for the Future Internet. FISSi will comply with key standards implemented by the CHOReOS platform such as OMG/BPMN 2.0 and OMG/SoaML.
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41 41 **Status**: Incubation.
42 -**Initiative Working Group**: Inria (Initiative Lead), EBM Websourcing, University of San Paulo.
43 - **Contact**: Cedriuc Thomas (cedric.thomas AT
42 +**Initiative Working Group**: Inria (Initiative Lead), Linagora, University of San Paulo.
43 + **Contact**: Cedric Thomas (cedric.thomas AT
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45 45 Go to the [[Future Internet initiative>>]] landing page.