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Project of the month: Knowage

Knowage is the Open Source Suite for any modern Business Analytics. A natural evolution of the well known SpagoBI, Knowage is the new generation of open source analytical solution, based on open standards and with a modular offering.

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 OW2 Best Project Award Contest, in the three categories Technology, Market and Community. Congratulations to the winning teams : Lutece (Community Award), Melodic (Market Award), Knowage (Technology Award).  



We are back at SFScon this year with an OW2 conference track and as Community Partner. Many thanks to our colleagues from Bolzano for the invitation! Check out the program of the OW2 track. SFScon will be held in blended mode. 



OW2 will be presented on December 1st during the Open Source Week organized by RIO "Rete Italian Open Source", a companies’ network created to promote professional services and Open Source products.



We are happy to launch in cooperation with the Eclipse Foundation this new webinar series, introducing european software research projects that help shape the future of open source software and the IT industry. The first webinar takes place on December 15th at 4:00pm. Register now! 


How can you take part in the Community?

What is OW2

OW2 is an independent community dedicated to open source industry-grade enterprise computing infrastructure software, including middleware, application platforms and cloud computing technologies.

Why Join OW2

Make a stand, focus your open source efforts, help steer the community, increase your open source visibility, promote your projects, and join renowned industry leaders, SMEs, academics and individuals.

Free Infrastructure Software

OW2 hosts some one hundred open source projects spanning application platforms, components, middleware, cloudware and tools for the development, deployment and management of distributed and cloud applications.

Submit a Project

At OW2 it usually starts with an open source project. We provide resources, governance and help build awareness for your project. Checkout the project life cycle and fill in the submission form. Join the code base.

Quality and Trustworthiness

Enhance the quality and facilitate the market adoption of your project with the unique suite of tools freely accessible with Open-source Software Capability Assessment Radar (OSCAR) the OW2 quality program.


Check out the beta version of OW2 marketplace at EU-funded project AppHub. Stay tuned for future development and full opening of the marketplace to OW2 projects in 2017.

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Infrastructure Software, Application Platform, Middleware, Tools

The best European incarnation of business FLOSS for its members
OW2 is the best incarnation we have in Europe of independent non-profit organization focused on the... more

Collaborative Projects

Leveraging open source to foster collaborative innovation is a powerful strategy. OW2 is an experienced Open Source Software community for collaborative R&D projects. We provides community support and dissemination services and community building services to multinational open source collaborative projects and large collaborative R&D projects. In particular, OW2 has established itself as the reference dissemination and community platform for complex government-supported, open source-oriented projects.

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