The OW2 miniAPP initiative promotes an industry-grade implementation of the W3C MiniApp standard allowing advanced services to be made available on mobile phones without having to first install an application.
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Project of the month: Cryptpad

CryptPad is a collaborative office suite that is end-to-end encrypted and open-source. The team is currently working hard on enterprise features such as Single Sign On support, instance management, and cloud deployment. Some of these will be included in the upcoming 5.6.0 release. More.

Projects Market Readiness Levels Focus : Imixs-Workflow


With an established customer base of early and mainstream users and a stable financing, Imixs-Workflow (MRL 7) is considered as an established business based on an established product, open to community support. View Imixs-Workflow Market Readiness synthesis.

News and Events



Open Source Experience 2023 0.3 

We are actively preparing our participation to Open Source Experience 2023, through several speeches in the conferences and a community booth in the exhibition. Click on the link below or contact us for more information!



OW2con'24 : Open Source Community Annual Conference 0.4 

We are thrilled to announce the opening the OW2con'24 Call for Presentations! Check out the details and do not wait to send your submission. We look forward to reading your proposals!



Partnership signed between OW2 and DINUM  0.5 

We are pleased to announce that we signed a partnership agreement with the French DINUM (interministerial digital department) for the year 2023 to provide the DINUM and public actors with OW2 tools and methodological approaches MRL and the GGI.



Welcome message from OW2 new 2023 President  0.7 

During the March 17th 2023 OW2 Board Meeting, the newly elected board members elected Christian Paterson as Chairperson of the Board and President of OW2.



New release 1.2 for the OSPO Alliance Good Governance (GGI) Handbook  1.04 

We are proud to announce the availability of version 1.2 of the Good Governance handbook,  including new features and a feedback from City of Paris.  


How can you take part in the Community?


What is OW2

  OW2 is an independent, non-profit community organisation dedicated to promoting industry-grade open source software for corporate information systems and to fostering their business ecosystems.

Why Join OW2

    Make a stand, focus your open source efforts, help steer the community, increase your open source visibility, promote your projects, and join renowned industry leaders, SMEs, academics and individuals.

Free Infrastructure Software

  OW2 hosts some one hundred open source projects spanning application platforms, components, middleware, cloudware and tools for the development, deployment and management of distributed and cloud applications.

Submit a Project

  At OW2 it usually starts with an open source project. We provide resources, governance and help build awareness for your project. Checkout the project life cycle and fill in the submission form. Join the code base.

Quality and Adoption

  Facilitate the market adoption of your project with our suite of freely accessible quality tools and with OW2's unique Market Readiness Levels project assessment program.

Open Source Good Governance

  The Good Governance initiative develops a blueprint to help implement corporate-wide open source policies and improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the European open source ecosystem.

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Collaborative Projects

Leveraging open source to foster collaborative innovation is a powerful strategy. OW2 is an experienced Open Source Software community for collaborative R&D projects. We provides community support and dissemination services and community building services to multinational open source collaborative projects and large collaborative R&D projects. In particular, OW2 has established itself as the reference dissemination and community platform for complex government-supported, open source-oriented projects.

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