XLcloud: an HPC-oriented platform for the management of distributed VMs




XLcloud is a project funded by the French FSN (Fonds national pour la Solidarité Numérique) programme, call Cloud n° 1, and was initially submitted under the name "Magellan". 

The objective of XLcloud is to define and demonstrate an HPC-as-a-Service cloud platform for applications of intensive computation, with interactive remote visualisation capabilities, allowing different users to work on a common platform.

Expected results of the projects include:

  • functional and technical specification of the XLcloud platform architecture
  • open source API of the XLcloud platform and of the virtual cluster
  • implementation of algorithms for 3D and video streaming display
  • prototype of the XLcloud platform including the virtual cluster and the main components of the platform
  • use cases for validation, illustrating the performance and suggesting future improvements

XLcloud aims at overcoming some of the most important challenges of implementing operationally high performance applications in the Cloud. The goal is to allow actors of the project to take leadership position in the market, as cloud service providers, or as technology providers.

Please note the XLcloud website is closed.



XLcloud combines expertise from companies and laboratories, with strong innovation in high-performance computer architecture, HD/3D and video stream visualisation.

  • Bull SAS (coordinator)
  • AMG.lab
  • Serviware
  • Institut Telecom – Telecom Sud Paris, Artemis and R2SM Laboratories
  • HPC-Project
  • CEA List
  • OW2
  • Inria RESO

More info

Start Date: 21/07/2021

End Date: 21/07/2021