OCEAN is a two-year project kicking off in October 2012, which will contribute to the emergence of a sustainable open cloud business ecosystem in Europe. OCEAN will focus on three types of open cloud projects:

European FP7 research projects,
European national open cloud projects,
Japanese open cloud projects.

To generate synergies among open cloud projects and reduce overlaps between them, OCEAN has developed a four-pronged approach that will: create trust, develop synergies, ensure compliance and maintain active interest in the program.

OCEAN has developed a four-pronged approach to reach its goal of fostering the emergence of a sustainable open source cloud ecosystem and boosting market innovation in Europe. 

Creating Trust: After identifying open source projects in Europe and Japan, OCEAN will create an online Open Cloud Innovation Directory and Information Exchange Network.  

Developing Synergies: To create an environment of cooperation among projects where synergies are apparent, OCEAN will propose an Open Cloud Interoperability Framework. 

Ensuring Compliance: OCEAN will certify the intrinsic quality of open source software and ensure their compliance to cloud standards. It will provide online Build, Test and Certification tools as well as a beta-test service to validate independently the quality of open source software artefacts from open cloud projects and to enable these projects to build and test their software.

Maintaining Action: In order to foster cooperation and integration among collaborative research projects, OCEAN will organize two annual Plugfests that will enable project teams to work on the integration and interoperability of their software.

Please note the OCEAN website is closed.



The Ocean consortium consists of four partners from Germany, France, Italy and Japan, which together will contribute their expertise to the project. They are:

Fraunhofer (Project Coordinator)
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, (ENG)
Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)

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Start Date: 21/07/2021

End Date: 21/07/2021