CompatibleOne (Systematic / OSEO / Pole SCS) R&D project


The Open Source Cloud Broker

Imagine a world where all companies have servers connected at 1,000 Mbps (the  speed of fibre already at the disposal of the average Japanese user). The heat generated by the servers is recovered and used for heating offices in winter.

In the summer, when air conditioning is on, the servers are turned off during the day and replaced by servers hosted in another hemisphere or time zone where electricity is not only a less rare commodity but also cheaper. Data are automatically computer-generated from one region of the planet to another. In this world, the distributed nature of the Internet is used to reduce energy consumption, preserve data confidentiality, optimize costs and create a more secure Web that is less subject to interruptions in service than the centralized Web server farms vaunted by Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

The mission of the CompatibleOne broker is to play a role in the emergence of just such a world where an economic model, based on sharing and optimizing Cloud resources, will become reality through unimpeded access to these technologies.

To achieve this, CompatibleOne proposes two things.

  • First, a meta-model derived from the concepts of grid computing of contracts for the supply of resources. 
  • Second, a free/open source reference cloudware stack (a set of cloud software and APIs) that can be freely installed on any infrastructure to supply, manage, control and exchange resources.

The broker model and cloudware will apply to a wide array of implementations from scientific computing, modeling and simulation (HPC on demand) through to enterprise computing in the cloud in all its forms: ERP, CRM, ECM, Wiki, e-commerce, communication, etc.

The CompatibleOne broker will establish the foundations of a cloud economy based on free competition i.e. no "vendor lock-in” or a vendor holding all the cards ensuring the freedom for entrepreneurs to innovate on top of these technologies.

Models, APIs and software developed by CompatibleOne will be available in open source through OW2. They will serve, after some possible extensions, as the basis to commercial offers of industrial cloud and to future cloud projects specialized according to business sector.

CompatibleOne has direct synergies and complements OW2's Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi)

CompatibleOne is a Systematic project funded by France's Pôles de Compétitivité.

OW2 is a partner of the project and will contribute on the dissemination and community building aspects of the project. The CompatibleOne technology will be hosted on OW2 forge. 

Please note the CompatibleOne website is closed.



ActiveEon, Bull, CityPassenger, eNovance, Eureva, INRIA, Institut Telecom, Lost Oasis, Mandriva, Nexedi, Nuxeo, OW2, Prologue, XWiki.

More info


See the presentation given during the OW2 Annual Conference, on Nov. 24-25, 2010 in Paris. (PDF)

Project lead: Jean-Pierre Laisné

Start Date: 21/07/2021

End Date: 21/07/2021