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October 2010 Newsletter

 Newsletter - October 2010 - From the OW2 Management Office {style}

our monthly OW2 newsletter is published a little later than usual because the past weeks have been even busier than usual: the Corporate Networking Meeting in Beiing, the Programming Contest Award Conference in Yinchuan, immediately followed by our participation in both the Open Communities and the Open Cloud tracks at the Open World Forum.
Last week, just as we were finalizing the organization of the OW2 village and conference track at the Open Source World Conference in Malaga, we received the mail informing us that the event had been cancelled, apparently due to the economic recession. But we are not giving up! We are still convinced the time is right for OW2 to move forward in Spain. Stay tuned
In the meantime, we are getting ready for our 2010 Annual Conference.  The programme is now almost complete. Our theme this year, guess what: ~Open Source for Open Clouds~! Highlights of the event include the Open Cloud Summit featuring speakers for OpenStack, OpenNebula and the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative, a visionary keynote by OW2 technology godfather Jean-Bernard Stefani and the Software Quality Action Track (SQuAT) session. Save the date: November 24-25!

Calling all project leaders and developers: we are now ready to proceed with the migration of our forge which we will do our best to make as painless as possible. But of course we'll need your cooperation. You will soon receive a mail from OW2 CTO, Alexandre Lefebvre, who will tell you what to expect and what you will have to do. 

Talking about migration, we have at long last completed the migration of our web site. You probably can't see the difference right now and this is good. It means we haven't lost anything on the way. We now have a state-of-the-art cancelwiki platform thanks to which we will be able to improve our web site.{style:type=div|align=left}{style:type=div|align=left}Please see below for more information.

Thank you for your on-going support,

PS: Project leaders: Do not forget to use the OW2 Forge to tell everybody about your project updates. News will appear on the [OW2 forge>>blank], our [home page>>blank]  and in this [newsletter>>blank]!{style}


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<h1 style="text-align: left">>Project Updates
06 Oct 10: <strong>[JOnAS 5.1.3 Maintenance Release>>blank]</strong> (Posted by: benoitf)

06 Oct 10: *[Talend Open Studio 4.1.0 is available>>_blank]* (Posted by: pcoffre)
04 Oct 10: *[XWiki Enterprise 2.5 Milestone 2 released>>_blank]* (Posted by: sdumitriu)

01 Oct 10: *[Telosys 1.1.0>>blank]* (Posted by: lguerin)

29 Sep 10: *[XWiki Enterprise and Enterprise Manager 2.4.2 release3>>_blank]* (Posted by: tmortagne)
27 Sep 10: *[XWiki Enterprise and Enterprise Manager 2.4.2 released>>_blank]* (Posted by: tmortagne)
27 Sep 10: *[XWiki Enterprise and Enterprise Manager 2.4.1 released>>_blank]* (Posted by: tmortagne)
27 Sep 10: *[SpagoBI Studio 2.6.5 now available !>>_blank]* (Posted by: cazzin)
&#49;6 Sep 10: *[OW2 programming contest 2010>>_blank]* (Posted by: duanzhiquan)
&#49;3 Sep 10: *[XWiki Enterprise 2.5 Milestone 1 released>>_blank]* (Posted by: sdumitriu)
&#49;3 Sep 10: *[New OSGi core for Spagic!>>_blank]* (Posted by: zoppello)
&#49;3 Sep 10: *[Real-time business intelligence with SpagoBI!>>_blank]* (Posted by: cazzin)

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<h1 style="text-align: left">>New Project</h1>

The Technology Council has accepted the following project in incubation:

- [Alitheia Core>>blank]: a platform for software quality and evolution analysis that is extensible through simple plug-ins.



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<h1 style="text-align: left">>Community News
</h3><h3>OW2 Annual Conference save the date!

We now have a full complete program featuring  speakers from  Europe, USA, China, India and Brazil for two days of high-profile technical sessions. Save the date: November 24-25, in Paris. [More>>blank].

<h3>Sponsor the OW2 Annual Conference

The OW2 Annual Conference is a global conference for the open source infrastructure software industry. Take advantage of our [€1K unique sponsor package>>blank]  to address a high-level technical audience. Do not miss this opportunity!

<h3>OW2 Corporate Business Networking Meeting</h3>

The first [OW2 Open Source Corporate Networking Meeting>>blank],
in Beijing, September 21, was a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with the movers and shakers of the fast-moving Chinese open source scene. Check out the pictures [here>>blank].

<h3>Programming contest results </h3>

Congratulations to the winners and the participants in the 2010 OW2 Programming Contest. Check out the [results>>blank] and the [pictures>>blank] of the award conference held in Ningxia University.

<h3>Open World Forum

Successful OW2 participation in both the Open Communities and the Open Cloud tracks at this year's Open World Forum, Paris, Sept. 30 - Oct. 1. [More>>blank].  

<h3>Open Source World Conference: CANCELLED

Unfortunately for the OW2 members who had committed to participate in the OW2 Village and conference track, this event has been unexpectedly cancelled by the organizers for budget reasons caused by the severe recession in Spain. [More>>blank].

<h3>Web site migration completed

As we said in our previous newsletter, "we really are now planning to shift the new XWiki version of our web site into production this month". Done! Please let us know if you see anything unusuable after the [migration>>blank].

<h3>OW2 Forge Migration

After the web site, now the forge. We are almost ready to migrate our code base to NovaForge. Migration scripts are being tested and we are preparing information for our users. We will need your help. Current migration schedule [here>>blank].

<h3>Board of Directors </h3>

The next meetings of the board of directors will be held in Paris, November 22. Check out the board page [here>>blank].  

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<h1 style="text-align: left">>Outlook</h1><h3>Collaborative projects </h3>
 New in 2010, OW2 is now involved in two publicly-funded collaborative projects: CHOReOS and CompatibleOne. Web pages telling you all you need to know about them will arrive soon.<h3>Software Quality Action Track

We have started implementing SQuAT (Software Quality Action Track), OW2 Management Office big project for the 2010-2011 season. More on that in the next newsletter.

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