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October 2009 Newsletter

\[OW2 Newsletter - October 2009 - From the OW2 Management Office] 

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,

We've got some important this month: during the Open World Forum last week, we announced our plan to merge with our friends at the Open Solutions Alliance in North America.

This joining of forces is motivated by the strong complementarity between OSA and OW2 as illustrated by the expression "two puzzle pieces waiting to be put together", the most repeated comment in the press. Indeed, while OW2's strengths lie in its governance, technical infrastructure, broad code base focusing on open source infrastructure software and its global membership from Europe, China and Brazil, OSA's strengths are in marketing, commercial open source, its focus on open source applications and technology integration, and its strong North-American membership.

We are creating a unique global open source organization with prominent members in Europe, China, Brazil and North America dedicated to supporting research, development, distribution, and adoption of open source software at all levels of information systems. More .

The OW2 programming contest is now over. A total of 17 teams signed up to compete on the 21 programming topics put forward by OW2 project leaders and six of them made it to the finals. Congratulations to the winners, a team from Beihang University (Beijing, China) who developed a remarkable Web 2.0 BPM editor for the OW2 Orchestra project. More .

Thank you for your on-going support,


Cedric Thomas


We are pleased to announce a new Corporate Member in OW2:

- BonitaSoft: Founded in 2009 to leverage the success of the OW2 Bonita project, an Open Source alternative to the existing commercial BPM solutions, with the ambition to become the leading Open Source vendor on the BPMS Market.Press release here .


The Technology Council has recently accepted these three new projects in incubation from the Trustie forge:

- PanGu : a pervasive computing plamform based on the extended Service and Component

- ENuSMV: an extended symbolic model checking tool

- WinQEMU : a Windows port of QEMU, a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer


01 Oct 09: WebLab Demonstrator available (Posted by: ymombrun)
28 Sep 09: InterLDAP upgrading to T5.1 (Posted by: sbahloul)
28 Sep 09: XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.0 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
28 Sep 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.0 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
23 Sep 09: JOnAS 5.1.0 available (Posted by: benoitf)
23 Sep 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.0 RC 2 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
23 Sep 09: Version 1.1 released (Posted by: bgrilheres)
18 Sep 09: CARDAMOM V4.1 released (Posted by: jfichez)
18 Sep 09: JOnAS 5.1.0 RC4 available (Posted by: benoitf)
18 Sep 09: Code release (Posted by: gdupont)
18 Sep 09: Orchestra 4.1.0 (Posted by: lejeuneg)
18 Sep 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.0 RC 1 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
18 Sep 09: EasyBeans 1.1.0 (Posted by: benoitf)
01 Sep 09: eXo DMS 2.5.1 Released (Posted by: essobedo)


Plan to join forces with OSA

- Available here the press releases (English and French), the press coverage as well as some details about our anouncement with OSA. 

Programming Contest: And the winner is Beihang University!

- A team of students from Beihang University (Beijing, China) are the winners of OW2 first Programming Contest. The winning submission is a remarkable Web 2.0 BPM editor development for the OW2 Orchestra project.. More here

Technology Council Meeting

- Intense day-long Technology Council meeting on September 29 in Grenoble, France, with project presentations (Chameleon, WebLab), an overview of Trustie projects and architecture, and a discussion on componentization, Fractal and OSGi. More here.

OW2 Center Stage at the Open World Forum

- OW2 had a busy conference at the Open World Forum: first we made the news with our press release anouncing our merge talks with OSA; second we provided the backbone of the FLOSS Communities Summit session and Keynote panel, third we had one he only user oriented event with our OW2 Experience Day showing case studies: more info and the presentations here.

fOSSa Conference: where Open Source meets Academia

- OW2 Europe Local Chapter and INRIA announce fOSSa 2009, the first edition of a new international conference on the relations between open source communities and academic research. November 17-18, 2009 in Grenoble, France. Registration is open. More here.

OW2 Meetings in China

- During September, the OW2 China Local Chapter had its Trustie general meeting at NASAC Conference and organized a series of meetings with prospective members and partners. More here .

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