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June 2010 Newsletter

OW2 Newsletter - June 2010 - From the OW2 Management Office

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,


This month we have many opportunities for you to participate in. {style} {style:type=div|align=left}Take part in the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative. Just one month ago, on May 5, we launched the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative. Our anouncement generated quite a bit of press coverage; as a reminder please take a look at the Initiative page here and the press release. The Initiative was introduced at the Solutions Cloud Computing trade show and at the Systematic Cloud Conference, and we held a Sino-French workshop to assess cooperation opportunities. We are now in the second phase where we open up the Initiative: if you want to be part of the action, please check out the participation protocol here.

 Provide legal support to OW2. OW2 is looking for legal support to help clarify and streamline its legal documents and procedures. OW2 has grown into a complex organization and some support would be welcome, either pro bono (best!) or at a nominal fee. If you know any one who can help or want to recommend some one, please write to us!\ 

{style:type=div|align=left}Sponsor OW2's business event in Beijing. This year, along with the programming contest and with the help of BeiHang University, OW2 is organizing a Corporate Networking Meeting for Chinese and international participants. Join us in Beijing, September 21. Meanwhile, contestants in the 2010 Programming Contest have only a few weeks left to register here and sponsors are invited to choose among our sponsoring packages.

Recommend a keynote speaker at this year's Annual Conference to be held November 24-25 in Paris, France. All info posted and regularly updated here. Save the date!

Please see below for more information. {style}

Thank you for your contributions, \

\ Cedric Thomas

PS: Project leaders: please use the OW2 Forge to tell everybody about your project updates. News will appear on the OW2 forge, our home page and in this newsletter!

\ \

>Project Updates\

09 Jun 10: Talend Open Studio 4.0.2 is available (Posted by: pcoffre)\ 08 Jun 10: JOnAS 5.2.0 M2 available (Posted by: benoitf)\ 03 Jun 10: OnceSS v0.1 released (Posted by: yeshiyang)\ 03 Jun 10: Bench4Q Tool 1.2.3 Released (Posted by: duanzhiquan)\ 03 Jun 10: XWiki Enterprise 2.4 Milestone 1 released (Posted by: tmortagne)\ 03 Jun 10: XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.3.1 released (Posted by: jvdrean)\ 31 May 10: ASM 3.3 released (Posted by: ebruneton)\ 25 May 10: Spagic 2.6.0 released (Posted by: gboccalon)\ 25 May 10: Orbeon Forms 3.8 Released (Posted by: ebruchez)\ 17 May 10: WebLab -Release of search engine demonstration (v1.1) (Posted by: bgrilheres)\ 12 May 10: Spagic 3.0.0 released (Posted by: gboccalon)\ 11 May 10: Bench4Q Tool 1.2.2 Released (Posted by: duanzhiquan)\ 11 May 10: Funambol Community Edition v8.5 ready for download (Posted by: smaffulli)\ 07 May 10: Joram 5.3.1 is released (Posted by: afreyssin)\ 05 May 10: Acceleo 2.7.0 is out! (Posted by: jmusset)\ 05 May 10: JOnAS 4.10.8 Maintenance Release (Posted by: sauthieg)

>New Projects\

Silverpeas: a turn-key web application for implementing an Intranet/Extranet or Web 2.0 application, sharing documents, KM, increasing collaboration quality both inside teams and with partners.

TSRR: or Trustie Software Resource Repository, aims at providing a trustworthy software resource management mechanism and a software resources sharing environment.

>New Member\

zAgile: Based in San Francisco, zAgile's technology enables integration of information across teams, tools, and applications, with a common semantic web based infrastructure.

>Community News\

Open Source Cloudware Initiative: now in recruitment phase, you are welcome to contribute!

OW2 has launched its Open Source CloudWare Initiative as planned first week of May. The Initiative is entering the participant recruitment phase. If you want to contribute a project to the Initiative, please send a mail to the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative mailing list.

Open Source Cloudware Initiative: launch activities

The OW Open Source CloudWare Initiative (OSCi) was launched at the Solutions Cloud Computing trade show (May 5-6) and at the Systematic Cloud Conference (May 20), and we held a Sino-French workshop (May 25) to assess cooperation opportunities. Please check out the Initiative page here and the press release.


OW2 will once again exhibit at OSCON on July 19-23, in Portland, Oregon. That same week we will also attend the Community Leadership Summit. Will you be there? Let us know! And come and see us at booth number 808. More.

Programming Contest: registration is open (but not for much longer, so hurry!...)\

Come and demonstrate your programming skills! Register here. We have over 30 topics for you and, of course, we are still welcoming sponsors. More.

Open Source Corporate Business Networking Meeting in Beijing

OW2 is organizing the OW2 Open Source Corporate Networking Meeting, a unique one-day event aimed at facilitating corporate interaction and raising awareness in China on the open source business drivers. More .

Annual Conference: Save the (new) date and recommend a keynote speaker!\

The 2010 OW2 Annual Conference will be held November 24-25, in Paris. Woops, yes, we had to shift the date because of organization constraints. The two-day event will be packed with presentations and round tables. And while we're at it we would welcome from our members for a couple of Keynote Speakers. More.

Board of Directors\

The next board meeting will be held by telephone on July 8. Minutes of last meeting, May 19 are published. Jean-Pierre Laisne was reinstated chairman of the board. Check out the board page here.

New Success Story\

Global hotel and services giant Accor uses Talend Open Studio and SpagoBI to improve its archiving and consultation of bookings and

cancellations processes. More.


Members events\

This is a quick reminder that OW2 members are welcome to promote their own events in the Members Event section of our website. Just log in and fill in your event here.

Call for papers\

Please note the following deadlines for two calls for papers of interest to our community: August 1 for the Middleware 2010 conference in Bengalore (India) and June 14 for Devoxx in Antwerpen (Belgium).


Open World Forum\

Once again we are participating in the organization of the Open World Forum, Paris, Sept. 30 - Oct. 1. The draft program will be published soon.

Open Source World Conference (OSWC)\

We are evaluating the opportunity to book for an OW2 booth, please let us know if you are interested. Watch out: CFP deadline: June 16! The link to the OSWC here.

OW2 Forge Migration\

We have started working on the GForge to NovaForge migration. As from Q4 2010, OW2 will be running on an entirely new and state-of-the-art forge. The current planning of the migration is here.

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