July 2012 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - July 2012 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

According to the latest issue of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) bulletin, if I read correctly, our clocks were 0.58688 second behind schedule (or was is ahead?) on June 30 at midnight and, as this newsletter is being written, they are between 0.41403 and 0.41400 second the other way. Unfortunately, our sysadmin (who doesn't read the IERS bulletin on a regular basis!) was on holiday when the timekeepers of this world added their leap second to our atomic clocks. OW2 machines and software received a vicious blow from the unexpected extra second. Please be patient while they slowly recover.

One can't even start to imagine the consequences on modern society if time were to be managed like proprietary software. Seems that software is still just as inconsistent as timekeeping before the introduction of railway time in the 19th century. When you think about it,, even open standards are limited: proprietary implementations always leaves barriers. Only open source will be able to provide the degree of interoperability that broad scale cloud computing and future internet applications will require. We need open standards *and* open source software.

In July, come and visit OW2, 4Linux, Mandriva, MAPS and SpagoBI at FISL in Porto Alegre, Brazil. You can't miss the OW2 Village, it's huge! We will also be at OSCON, Portland, Oregon. And of course we are now quickly gaining momentum in the organization and promotion of our flagship events: please check out the sponsorship prospectus for the China Open Source Week, COSW'12,  and our Annual Conference, OW2con'12.

We are pleased to welcome a new Corporate Member: Mandriva, the company behind one of the most popular Linux distributions. Finally, after approval at last board meeting, OW2 joined the ranks of new OSI affiliates to help oversee the re-launch of this keystone organization in the open source world.

Thank you for your contributions and on-going support,

Cedric Thomas

PS: Project leaders: Do not forget to use the OW2 Forge to tell everybody about your project updates. News will appear on the OW2 forge, our home page and in this newsletter

>New Members


Mandriva The company that gave the world one of the most popular Linux distributions is embarking on a renewed enterprise strategy and joins OW2 to leverage its global community and outreach.

>Project News

>Project Updates

 04 Jul 12: SpagoBI 3.5 now available! (Posted by: bernabei)
 28 Jun 12: Bonita Open Solution 5.7.1 now available  (Posted by: jlipp)
 26 Jun 12: XWiki Enterprise and Enterprise Manager 4.1.2 Released (Posted by: cjdelisle)
 20 Jun 12: XWiki Enterprise and Enterprise Manager 4.0.1 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
 20 Jun 12: XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 4.1.1 Released (Posted by: cjdelisle)
 18 Jun 12: XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 4.1 Released (Posted by: cjdelisle)
 18 Jun 12: LemonLDAP::NG 1.2.0 is out! (Posted by: clement_oudot)

>New Projects

Two new projects have been accepted in the OW2 code base:

Jmine Platform: A platform for developers to quickstart the creation of transactional applications in Java. It provides features such as auditing, authorization, authentication, data segregation, distributed processing, integration, tracking and test tools in an extensible way.

Emerginov: An open PHP PaaS allowing rapid prototyping over operator networks and focused on Telco web projects, more precisely on voice and SMS based services. A smart integration of many open source components and a key contribution to the VOICES FP7 European project.

>Community News

OW2 Programming Contest

Registration has been extended until July 15, 2012! Participants must first select their subject from the list of topics. Once you have selected a topic, go to the Registration page for registration instructions. More.

Solutions Linux

With ActiveEon, SpagoBI, CompatibleOne and Inria on the OW2 Village, our eight-member Passport circuit, and our dedicated conference track, this show was a great success for OW2. Check out the slides and this short video. More

Technical infrastructure 1/2

OW2 has acquired two new machines to showcase the CompatibleOne open source cloud broker. We will use this platform to demonstrate interoperability between cloud projects. On-line demonstrations will be available soon.

Technical infrastructure 2/2

The leap second which occurred during the night of Saturday June 30 to Sunday July 1 has disrupted the OW2 infrastructure. Our sysadmin is on holiday until mid July so we apologize for any inconvenience and please be patient! 


OW2 will once again be at OSCON on July 16-20, in Portland, Oregon. We will showcase the OW2 community and our technology including the CompatibleOne and OpenCloudware collaborative projects. Visit us booth #216. More.


This year you just can't miss OW2 at FISL, July 25-28, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Visit the OW2 Village shared with 4Linux, CompatibleOne, Mandriva, MAPS and SpagoBI and attend the many OW2 presentations. More.

COSW'12 (China Open Source Week)

The China Open Source Week 2012 (COSW'12), October 15-20, will take place in Nanjing, Wuxi and Beijing, this year. Check out the webpage and sponsorship opportunities. More.


The Call For Presentation deadline has been extended to July 15th, do not miss it! Visit the conference website and check out our sponsorship opportunities. More.

Friends Corner: Jerry, open source hardware with a humanitarian purpose 

Although OW2 is all about software, please do check out Jerry here. This server in a jerrycan is a joint project between the French design school ENSCI and OW2 Corporate Member Hedera Technology.


Cloud Expo Santa Clara

The global launch of the CompatibleOne open source cloud broker is scheduled at Cloud Expo Santa Clara, November 5-8, 2012. We are working on it!