February 2021 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - February 2021 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

"Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem" beeing the central theme of OW2con’21, it might be useful to elaborate on the distinction I made between the “web of relationship and complementary resources we call the open source ecosystem” and the “abstract system at the expense of the individuality and humanity of the early days” that open source may become. A system works with converging feedback loops that maintain its stability. It is deterministic, and can even be computed. Conversely, an ecosystem is characterized by a diversity of stakeholders and feedback loops in multiple directions. It is stochastic, and not readily computable. As promoted in OW2's OSS Good Governance initiative, open source is a combination of usage, trust, culture, engagement and strategy. As open source becomes mainstream, it is too often reduced to either a vendor-buyer and cost reduction system, or to a legal and IP-management system. Whether honest conventional managers or plain opportunists, anyone ignoring the heuristic nature of open source software misunderstands the essence of its powerful network effects.

FOSDEM: February 6-7, it's FOSDEM weekend! OW2 projects and the OW2 Management Office are taking turns this Saturday and Sunday to meet with FOSDEM attendees on the (virtual) OW2 booth. Come visit us!

OW2con update: Given the uncertainties looming on international travel in the wake of the pandemic, OW2con will, this year again, be an online event. We are nevertheless preparing a face-to-face community event in September that we will confirm in due time. The OW2con'21 Call For Presentations is open until March 15, 2021. Please send your submission ASAP! Save the date for OW2con'21, June 23-24, and check out how you can become a Sponsor! Sponsorship helps to make an even better conference.

On another note, I am pleased to announce FactorFX has joined OW2 as Corporate Member to support the international growth of its flagship software OCS Inventory.

We have launched the 2021 elections for the OW2 board and chairperson. Candidates can register from February 3-16. Our General Assembly will be held on March 5.

Thank you for your on-going support,

Cedric Thomas


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

New Members

FactorFX: FactorFX is the company behind Open Computers and Software Inventory (OCS Inventory) a well recognized asset management solution, broadly deployed in public administrations and private organisations worldwide.


Project News

Project Updates

  • Sympa: version 6.2.60 was released including security fix. More.
  • GLPI: a new version of Formcreator plugin has been released with new feature for conditionnal display of an item. More.
  • LemonLDAP::NG: version 2.0.10 has been released with new features such as adaptive authentication and Kerberos domain whitelist. More.
  • XWiki: first release of branch 13 has been published introducing a new Live Data macro and major "under the hood" improvments. More.
  • LDAP Tool Box: brings OpenLDAP 2.4.57 packages for RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. More.
  • Lutece: published a new release candidate for version 7.0.0. More.
  • Jeka: published 4 maintenances releases. More.
  • FusionDirectory: announced a new training offer aiming at developpers who need to use FusionDirectory API. More.
  • Rocket.Chat: published version 3.11.0 with several new features and improvements. More.
  • AuthzForce: published version 17.0.0 that now support Java 11. More.

Project of the month

DocDokuPLM is a robust state-of-the-art open source PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution. DocDokuPLM won the 2015 OW2 Best Project Community Award. More.


Community News

FOSDEM, February 6-7, Online

It's FOSDEM time. All OW2 projects are welcome to spend some time on the OW2 virtual booth and showcase their project. Contact us. We look forward to the Devroom on Dependency Management we are coordinating with the FASTEN project. More.

OW2con'21, June 23-24, Online

Taking into account the remaining uncertainties with the sanitary situation, we unfortunately had to make a decision without waiting. In consequence OW2con'21 will be again virtual. The Call for Presentation is open. Do not wait and submit now, we look forward to reading your proposals! More.

Open Research Webinar Series, March 4, Online

Second webinar, March 4th, in our webinar series organized in cooperation with the Eclipse Foundation to introduce european software research projects. Check out the program and register now! More.

Beta-Testing Services for Innovative Projects

Do you have a software ready for beta-testing? Leverage the ReachOut platform, engage with the community, reward your beta testers and collect external feedback. Check out the active campaigns. Attend next webinars. Register your own project.

OW2 Good Governance initiative

Check out the newly opened OSS Good Governance Resource Center. Work in progress! You are welcome to contribute and share content, best practices and experiences. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

OW2 project LemonLDAP::NG is now integrated with BigBlueButton web conferencing system. More.


OW2 member BlueMind is expanding its offer of open source unified enterprise messaging solution in Germany! Read the article (french).


OW2 CEO Cedric Thomas co-signs op-ed in Le Monde with Stefane Fermigier and Prof. Roberto Di Cosmo in support of MP Eric Bothorel's recommendation to set up a specialized open source bureau for the French administration. More.


OW2 Associate Organisation Open Forum Europe organizes an EU Open Source Policy Summit 2021 on February 5th. More.


First SWForum Workshop on Trustworthy Software and Open Source, March 23rd-25th, 2021 (16:00-17:30), online, organized by the SWForum project, funded by the European Commission. Deadline to submit: February 22. More.


OW2 Associate Organisation CNLL is currently running a survey (in French) on the state of open source offer in France, targeting CEOs or CTOs of open source companies. More.

In our Research Projects

Play our new Platform Workflow Video to learn how DECODER is processing java project code to extract and store new software knowledge. More.


Join our Devroom on Dependency Management at FOSDEM Sunday February 7 at 10:00am and discover how FASTEN addresses dependency issues.

OW2 Community Notices


The OW2 board and chairperson elections will be held from February 3 to March 18, 2021 and our General Assembly on March 5, 2021.

Please, note OW2's new physical address: OW2 c/o Conseil & Management, 7 rue de Phalsbourg, 75017, Paris, France.



17th International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS Conference), May 12-13, Lahti, Finland

OW2 has been invited to chair the session "Industry Day" at the 2021 OSS Conference. More details soon.

B-Boost Conference, June 15-16, La Rochelle, France

The second edition of B-Boost open source conference is co-organized by NAOS, french open source regional cluster and the CNLL, with the support of the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine. More.


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