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February 2011 Newsletter.

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&#91;OW2 Newsletter - February 2011 - From the OW2 Management Office&#93;

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,
{style:type=div|align=left}Economist-guru of world-renown Professor Michael Porter, and Mark Kramer deliver an interesting paper in the January-February [issue>>blank]  of the Harvard Business Review. Titled Creating Shared Value, they say it is the way to "redefine capitalism – and unleash a wave of innovation and growth".

What is interesting for us is that they define the concept of shared value as "policies and operating practices that enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions of the communities in which it operates." I may be biaised, but I like to think that this is exactly what OW2 and its members are doing: we develop competitive software in a way that redefine the software industry, avoiding vendor lock-in, and we share it for the benefit of the communities in which we operate. Open source software is perhaps an even greater idea than we thought it was. Pity they don't mention us in their paper. Maybe we should write to them?{style} {style:type=div|align=left}On another note, our [General Assembly>>blank] this year is scheduled for March 9 and, this week, we launch the Board Members' [election>>blank]. Meanwhile, last week the year of the Rabbit started
in China; so this will be a year to concentrate on our fundamentals: our code base and our community.{style}

Gong He Xin Xi!  ????

Thank you for your on-going support,

PS: Project leaders: Do not forget to use the OW2 Forge to tell everybody about your project updates. News will  [OW2 forge>>_blank] appear on the {style:type=span|class=undefined}OW2 forge{style}, our [home page>>blank]  and in this [newsletter>>blank]!

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<table border="0" width="98%"> <tbody><tr> <td><h1 style="text-align: left">>New Member

We are pleased to welcome two new Corporate Members to OW2:

[Technische Universität Berlin - DIMA>>blank]: The Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) group at the Technische Universität Berlin is currently researching information management on parallel, adaptive architectures. DIMA participates in the OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative.

[eNovance>>blank]: a specialist in integration and open source service infrastructure management. eNovance participates in the Open Source Cloudware initiative and the CompatibleOne project

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<h1 style="text-align: left">>Project Updates

02 Feb 11: *[For test only, Talend Open Studio 4.2.0M3 is available>>blank]* (Posted by: pcoffre)

31 Jan 11: *[Telosys 1.1.1>>_blank]* (Posted by: lguerin)
&#49;8 Jan 11: *[For test only, Talend Open Studio 4.2.0M2 is available>>blank]* (Posted by: pcoffre)

&#49;3 Jan 11: *[Real-time Business Intelligence with SpagoBI!>>blank]* (Posted by: cazzin)

&#49;0 Jan 11: *[XWiki Enterprise and Enterprise Manager 2.6.1 released>>blank]* (Posted by: jvdrean)

07 Jan 11: *[WebLab tutorial : web service development update>>blank]* (Posted by: gdupont)

07 Jan 11: *[Talend Open Studio 4.1.2 is available>>blank]* (Posted by: pcoffre)

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<h1 style="text-align: left">>New Projects</h1>

The Technology Council has accepted the following project in incubation:

*[DocDoku>>blank]*: The DocDoku project's aim is to offer a robust PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution covering Product structure definition, Product configuration service, Process and change management, Data visualization and Document management.



<table border="0" width="98%"> <tbody><tr> <td><h1 style="text-align: left">>Community News
</h3><h3>Cloud Expo Europe

Early this month, OW2 was at the Cloud

Expo Europe in London showcasing the CompatibleOne project and the OW2 

Open Source Cloudware initaitive. Our appreciation to ActiveEon, 

Enovance and Prologue for their on-site participation. Details and 

pictures [here>>blank].


The next meeting of the CompatibleOne collaborative project's Architecture Committee will be held on Tuesday, February 22. More on CompatibleOne [here>>blank].

<h3>Open Source Cloudware Initiative Workshops</h3>

The OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative has scheduled two workshops. There will be one in Paris on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 and one in Beijing in week March 21-25. [More>>blank].

<h3>In The Cloud Conference</h3>

Come and visit the OW2 Village at the In The Cloud conference, the event known last year as "Datacenters and Cloud computing 

conference" and where we launched the Open Source Cloudware initiative. [More>>blank].  Registrations for the conference are open [here>>blank].

<h3>Solutions Linux
</h3><h3>Open Source Week in Beijing </h3>

After {style:type=span|background-color=#ffffff}the


success of the OW2 Open Source Corporate Networking meeting in Beijing 

last September, we are launching the Beijing Open Source Week in October 10-17, 2011. Please check out the agenda [here>>blank].
<h3>Java TCK

Over one month since we signed the amendments to the JCP contract for several JSRs as submitted to us by Oracle and we are still without final approval or access. Please check the infrastructure page for more details [here>>blank].

<h3>OW2 General Assembly

The General Assembly is the official closing of OW2's 2010 fiscal year; it will take place, in Paris, on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 1pm - 2pm, in 

the OW2 Room at the In The Cloud exhibition and conference. [More>>blank].

<h3>OW2 Election

The official notice for the 2011 election of board members and

chairperson of the board will be sent to the community before Feb. 11.  

All details available [here>>blank].

 of Directors </h3>

The next meeting of the board of directors will

be held on March 9, 9:30am-12:00pm. Check out 

the board page [here>>blank].  

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<table border="0" width="98%"> <tbody><tr> <td><h1 style="text-align: left">>Outlook</h1><h3>OW2 Programming Contest

The 2011 OW2 programming contest will be launched in the next few weeks and the award ceremony will be held from October 13-14, at Beihang University in Beijing. Stay tuned!



year again, OW2 will be at OSCON, July 25-29, one of our favorite open 

source events. We will be showing off the Open Source Cloudware 

initiative and our collaborative projects CHOReOS and CompatibleOne.


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