April 2012 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - April 2012 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

On March 28, the board of directors validated the Corporate and Individual Members representatives elections. Xinhai JING, Chairman and CEO of OW2 founding Strategic Member CVIC-SE, was elected Chairperson and Jean-Pierre Laisne nominated Vice-Chairperson. Congratulations to both!

At OW2, we concentrate on delivering value to our members by, for instance, maintaining a technical infrastructure, setting up booths and presentation tracks at industry conferences and organizing events for our members such as the upcoming OW2 Open Source Solutions Brazil Roadshow, the OW2 Programming Contest, and the OSCi workshops.

However, while we like to think we offer unique services to our members, everything we do as a community and non-profit association should be a co-production between OW2 and its members. In other words, community members are not just customers and a community play is not a simple commercial relationship; it's not like shopping here one day, shopping there the next.

Between short-term interests and long-term support to OW2, this is sometimes a balancing act for our members. We understand this and are all the more appreciative of those members with whom our relationship relies on mutual commitment. That's what builds goodwill in the longterm, and that kind of intangible also gives OW2 membership its value.

On another note, congratulations to WebLab which has now become an OW2 Mature project.

Thank you for your on-going support,

Cedric Thomas

PS: Project leaders: Do not forget to use the OW2 Forge to tell everybody about your project updates. News will appear on the OW2 forge, our home page and in this newsletter

>Project News

>Project Updates

 28 Mar 12: Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 5.1.0M2 is available (Posted by: pcoffre)
 27 Mar 12: Contrail 1.0~RC1 is out (Posted by: sandre)
 13 Mar 12: XWiki Enterprise 4.0 Milestone 1 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
 09 Mar 12: JOnAS 5.2.3 MR available (Posted by: benoitf)
 07 Mar 12: Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 5.1.0M1 is available (Posted by: pcoffre)

>New Projects

At the time of writing, the Technology Council is evaluating one new project, and four new project proposals are under way. More news in the May newsletter.

>Projects Upgrades

The WebLab project has been graduated to the Mature status. Congratulations! WebLab is an open source platform that provides intelligence solutions and other applications based on the processing of multimedia data. More.

>Community News

Board Meeting and 2012 General Assembly

On March 28, the board of directors validated the elections of Corporate and Individual Members representatives and elected Xinhai JING, Chairman and CEO of OW2 founding Strategic Member CVIC-SE, was elected Chairperson and nominated Jean-Pierre Laisne, Vice-Chairperson. More.

OpenCloudware Collaborative Project launch

OW2 announced the launch of the OpenCloudware collaborative project during Cloud Computing World Expo, held March 28-29, in Paris. More.

Cloud Computing World Expo

OW2 showcased CompatibleOne and ActiveEon ProactIve at Cloud Computing World Expo, March 28-29. Many thanks to the CompatibleOne team for their help on the booth. More.

OSCi CompatibleOne Workshop

The third joint OSCi (OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative) and CompatibleOne workshop took place on March 28. Videos of the workshop will be available soon on the CompatibleOne website. More.

Brazil Open Source Solutions Roadshow

The 2012 OW2 Open Source Solutions Roadshow in Brazil, May 8-11, with stops in Sao Paulo, Brazilia and Rio De Janeiro, will showcase SpagoBI, eXo Platform and BonitaSoft. More.

OW2 Programming Contest

Submission of topics by OW2 projects for the 2012 OW2 programming contest is still open for a few deays until mid-April; please use the form here. The registration for contestants will open soon.

Solutions Linux

The OW2 Pavilion at Solutions Linux 2012, June 19-21, Paris La Défense, will showcase OW2 and its collaborative projects together with other projects and community members: ActiveEon (ProActive), Engineering (SpagoBI) and INRIA. The final program of the OW2 session has been published. More.

Technology Council

The next OW2 Technology Council will be held by IRC early May (date to be precised soon). Several face-to-face meetings are planed in 2012, the next one will take place at Solutions Linux, June in Paris. More.


OpenStack Design Summit & Conference

The CompatibleOne team will be at the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference, April 19-20, in San Francisco. More.


We are still working on the possibility of setting up an OW2 Pavilion at OSCON 2012, July 16-20. An opportunity for all members looking for more visibility in the US. Please contact us if you are interested before April 15th. More.

Cloud Expo Santa Clara

We are planning the global launch of the CompatibleOne open source cloud broker at Cloud Expo Santa Clara on November 5-8, 2012. More details coming soon, Stay tuned! More.

Important Dates

  • The next China Open Source Week (COSW) will take place during the third week of October (Oct. 15-20) and we will soon launch its promotion.
  • OW2con'12, the OW2 community annual conference, is scheduled for November 28-29 and will take place again in Orange Labs Issy Les Moulineaux in Paris. Check out the Call For Presentations to be launched soon!