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April 2009 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - April 2009 - From the OW2 Management Office] 

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,

The first OW2 Annual Conference is over. We had 1200 individual registrations! This means OW2 is now among the main open source communities in the world.

Fortunately not everyone showed up; we wouldn't have had enough for all at the free beer party :-) We have uploaded for you the presentations and some pictures.

The next major event for us is LinuxTag in Berlin where OW2 is staging the "Enterprise Development" track. The full program is here.

In the meantime you might want to attend one of the webinars organized by the Europe Local Chapter; please register here first.

If you are a student, you should take part in our programming contest, we have 21 topics for you to practice your skills on OW2 projects.

I'd like to inform our project leaders that they can now take advantage of a new service we have negotiated specially for OW2 projects: an appliance factory!

And if you have some time left, download our new paper on OW2 strategy: we are not just an open source community, we are a

"platform" and this paper explains why.

Thank you for your support!

Cedric Thomas


01 Apr 09: SOFA 2 0.6.1 released (Posted by: mmalohlava)
24 Mar 09: SpagoBI 2.1 is now available (Posted by: cazzin)
23 Mar 09: XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.6 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
23 Mar 09: XWiki Enterprise 1.8 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
23 Mar 09: SOFA 2 MConsole 0.5.0 released (Posted by: mmalohlava)
18 Mar 09: JOnAS 5.1 M5 certified release (Posted by: benoitf)
18 Mar 09: EasyBeans 1.1.0-RC1 (Posted by: benoitf)
18 Mar 09: Spago4Q 2.0 released. (Posted by: oltolina)
18 Mar 09: SAT4J 2.1.0 RC2 released (Posted by: leberre)
13 Mar 09: SOFA 2 IDE pre-release 0.5.2 (Posted by: mmalohlava)
13 Mar 09: SOFA 2 IDE pre-release 0.5.1 (Posted by: mmalohlava)
06 Mar 09: XWiki Enterprise 1.8 Release Candidate 2 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
05 Mar 09: Bonita 4.1, what else... (Posted by: mvaldes)



The Technology Council has accepted three new projects:

Scarbo brings technology agnostic Business Process design and execution to your service architecture. Built on Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) and the Frascati SCA platform, it supports the Nova Bonita workflow engine while being open to others.

OW2 Shelbie is a highly extensible and customizable shell engine.

OCELOT is an Open Collaborative Environment for the Leverage of Online insTrumentation. It is a Framework to easily create and deploy collaborative-based applications in order to operate one or several real remote devices over the Internet.

Please note we have updated projects url on the OW2 Forge, they are now all in the following format:



Election of the Board of Directors

- The elections for Corporate Members' and Individual Members' representatives are now open. Please check the new election schedule on this page. The next Board of Directors meeting will be on May 15.

Programming Contest

- OW2 and Scilab are organizing a joint open source programming contest in 2009. The competition is sponsored for Chinese students and technicians to improve the ability to study and use OW2 middleware. More...

Germany Roadshow

- On March 24-25, a successful roadshow was organized in Germany by the OW2 Europe Local Chapter with the help of Karlsruhe University and the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute. We now have some pictures for you.

Appliance Facility Available Now

- We have negotiated a special open source community licence with UShareSoft which offers an online facility to make software available in an easy-to-install package. OW2 project leaders should check this page.

OW2 Webinar Center

- The Europe Local Chapter has held its first webinar on "OW2 Fractal Technologies" and many more such webinars are scheduled.  Come and check the full program and register here .

OW2 Annual Conference Presentations and Pictures

- Now that the first OW2 Annual Conference is over you can download the presentations from here and make sure you check the photos here . And we are keeping the conference pages live for your information.

New Paper on OW2 Strategy

- We have a new paper on OW2 strategy as a business ecosystem platform . The paper shows how OW2 is implementing the core tactics of multi-sided platforms. This is a discussion paper; your feedback is welcome.

LinuxTag 2009

- Make a date to attend the "Enterprise development" track at LinuxTag, Berlin, June 24-27, where the OW2 projects will be on stage. Come and check the full program here. We may also organize an OW2 Village. 


CoTer Club

- The CoTer Club (IT for local government) will hold its 20th Congress in Strasbourg, France, June 16-17, 2009. OW2 Members Altic, Bull, eXo Platform and Talend will be present on the exhibiton floor. More...

JavaOne 2009

- INRIA will have a booth at JavaOne 2009 and has kindly offered to share it with OW2 to promote its projects.  However, if enough projects are interested we may be able have our own booth again this year... Let us know!

OSCON 2009

- The 2009 edition of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2009, OSCON, will be held July 20-24, 2009 in San Jose, California. OW2 is currently evaluating the opportunity to share a booth with its members at OSCON 2009. More...

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