Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

Here you can find marketing resources to help you understand what is OW2 and communicate about it. Do not hesitate to use these documents, however please comply with the Logo and Trademark Usage Policy.

OW2 Tagline

During the 2007-2010 period our tagline was "Leading Open Source Middleware." We inaugurated the new tag line reflecting the evolution of our code base at the 2010 Annual Conference:  The open source community for infrastructure software

OW2 now hosts some one hundred open source projects spanning application platforms, components, middleware and tools for the development, deployment and management of distributed applications.

This tagline is also a reflection of our vision: Software is not just about lines of code. It’s about people. Those who do the writing. Those who do the integration. Those who do the training. Those who do the maintenance. Those who run it. Open source software is also about sharing with people. Sharing expertise. Sharing experience. Sharing opportunities. Sharing the same commitment to technology excellence and user satisfaction.

This vision is reflected in the OW2 Brochure.

OW2 Information

OW2 Fact sheet (pdf): this is the one-page description of the OW2 Consortium (in French here).

OW2 Executive overview: everything you want to know about OW2 in a five-page executive summary.

Corporate Presentation (April 2014 PDF file). Feel free to insert these slides into your own marketing presentations, we recommend however that you keep the OW2 template for them.

Technical Presentation (.odp)  and pdf : the slideshow we use to introduce OW2 projects and technical infrastructure.


Please download the Success Stories Templates to develop your own success stories; they are important to demonstrate the many ways OW2 technologies are implemented in real-life applications.

For Projects Datasheets, please download the Project Flyers Templates. Some flexibility is welcome of course, but try as much as possible to follow the guidelines provided by the templates.

Press release issued on behalf or jointly with OW2 should use the Press Release  template. Please refer to the Press Release Guidelines page for further information on how to leverage OW2 to communicate with the media.


OW2 basic logos can be found here. For example, if you would like the logo at the top of this page click here.

Here you will also find two zip files containing our logos, one for screen display and the other for printed documents.

The entire family of OW2 Logos and buttons is available including membership logos, activities logos (Local Chapters and Initiatives) and annual conference logos at :

When using our logos, make sure you always use our official color instructions:

  • Screen (RGB) : blue #0099CC ; orange #ff6600 ; black #000
  • Print (CMJN) : blue 80,25,0,0 ; orange 0,75,100,0 ; black 0,0,0,100

Press Release guidelines

Press Release Guidelines: If you have news, please go to this whole page of considerations about who, why, how, when and where we can do Press Releases related to OW2, its Members and its Activities.

Boilerplate: the one-paragraph presentation of OW2 to place at the end of our joint Press Releases.

Datasheets and flyers

Member signs

Enabling members to show and leverage their OW2 membership during tradeshows and meetings. 

Real dimensions are 99*210 mm. To be placed on a table or a desk. See the full range of member signs there: