The OW2 Community Cloud Testbed: ow2stack

What is ow2stack?

Ow2stack is the cloud testbed for the OW2 community projects. Ow2stack runs OpenStack Grizzly, we will open it gradually as we explore the technical and governance challenges of running a testbed.

Who has access to ow2stack?

All OW2 project can use ow2stack for test and demonstration purposes. Access will be granted in priority to projects that want to test and demonstrate interoperability with other cloud platforms. 

Evolving ow2stack?

Ow2stack evolves in three directions:
- first, we are open to interconnecting ow2stack with other cloud testbeds in the world so as to offer a real multi-technology and multi-zone cloud environment. We are currently working with OW2 members such as 99cloud in Shanghai and the University of Sao Paulo to create a global network of open source cloud testbeds;
- second, whenever our financial resources will allow it, we will grow the platform by adding more power and network accesses;
- third, we plan to add more functionalities specially in the interoperability and measuring areas so as to enhance the value of the service to our projects. 

How much resource are we talking about?

OW2 is running a small cloud infrastructure. We currently have 30 "Resource Units" (RU) to allocate.  We define one RU as one GB, one core and one IP. 

After registering, each OW2 project will be allocated three RUs for a period of two months after which the project must register again. Alternatively, we can arrange additional resource at a cost with our hosting provider. 

OW2 Management Office keeps at least three RU for test and technical usage (including experimentation with other openstack platforms). 

What do I have to do to use ow2stack?

You need to be logged-in to request an ow2stack virtual environment to provide:

  • project name
  • contact person
    • first name
    • last name
    • email address
    • mobile number
  • resource request motivation and use case
  • technical expectations/constraints if any
  • resources reservation starting date (should be at least one week before the request sending date)

Personal details are for organization purposes only and will not be distributed to third parties without prior agreement.

Who should I contact?

For reactivity and backup reason, OW2 SysAdmin and CTO will both be in charge of replying and allocation resource for any resource request.