The CHOReOS Video Primer: Helping Develop and Run Software for the Internet of the Future

Imagine a new generation of large-scale applications fully leveraging the underlying power of the Future Internet. Chances are these applications connecting hundreds of millions of services, devices and systems will be made possible by the CHOReOS Integrated Development and Runtime Environment and its service choreography approach. Check out the video, it explains what's at stake, how it works and shows how it applies to your every day life.

"Worldwide shipments of smart connected devices will surpass 2.2 billion units in 2017. As the cost, size and power requirements keep decreasing, computing will be embedded in all kinds of products and everything that can benefit from the Internet will be connected. Not just stationary computers and laptops, but also tablets, smartphones cars, game consoles, TV sets, cameras, machines, lights and home appliances, even your coffee maker." Run the video to discover the rest of the story!