SFScon 2021, November 12-13, Bolzano, Italy

November 12, 2021

Bolzano, Italy


OW2 is Community Sponsor of the upcoming SFScon conference in Bolzano, Italy. 

November 12-13
Bolzano, Italy


We are invited to organize a conference track. OW2 projects and members are welcome to submit presentations proposals. Please contact us if you are interested. 

See the replay of the OW2 track

Date of OW2 track: Friday November 12 morning from 11:20am

OW2 Track Agenda

1) Speaker: Cédric Thomas, OW2
Schedule: 11:20 - 11:40
Presentation title: The OW2 Market Readiness Levels method. A tool for IT decision makers
Abstract: Evaluating open source projects is a permanent challenge that OW2 has chosen to meet by defining a unique composite indicator now applied to its projects. This indicator facilitates the evaluation of open source projects from the point of view of corporate information systems managers. The growth of open source software is taking place in two main directions. First, by moving up the layers of information systems: from the operating system to the business applications, open source software is increasingly used by non-IT specialists. Second, by becoming “mainstream”, open source is reaching out to decision-makers who are unfamiliar with open source. For these new users, educated in the commercial practices of proprietary software vendors, open source remains a counter-intuitive model; its technical, legal and community specificities are a source of uncertainty that is not very favourable to positive decisions. Mainstream decision-makers must hear a language they understand. This is the role of the Market Readiness Levels (MRL) method developed by OW2 for evaluating open source projects. With MRL, decision-makers have a familiar indicator that positions open source projects according to the “business” decision criteria they are used to. Open source is moving towards them.

The talk begins with a presentation of the MRL method, its three levels of analysis and the hundred or so criteria taken into account. It then gives the example of a few OW2 projects evaluated by the method and explains what benefits it brings to the development teams, but also to the end-users and the open source in general

2) Speaker: Antoine Mottier, OW2
Schedule: 11:40 - 12:00
Presentation title: Taking dependency management to the next level with call graphs!
Abstract: Software dependencies can be viewed as graph that only get bigger as software evolved. This lead to multiple challenging situations related to security, quality, licensing and more. Today tools are great but more accurate tools such as FASTEN are under development. Join me to learn how the current dependency management tool are evolving to cope with the growing complexity of software development.

3) Speaker: Virgile Prevosto, CEA
Schedule: 12:00 - 12:20
Presentation title: DECODER Platform to speed up software development, with quality and security
Abstract: Thanks to state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence techniques, IoT and cloud computing projects are now automatically analyzed and documented by DECODER. This is increasing workgroup productivity from software designers to SaaS operators, including testers and maintainers. First external contributions are made possible through the ReachOut platform, where beta-testers can try and run several DECODER software in their own environment.

4) Speaker: Davide Zerbetto, Knowage Labs, Engineering Group
Schedule: 12:20 - 12:40
Presentation title: KNOWAGE 8 - the open source solution for data analysis in the age of digital transformation
Abstract: These unprecedented uncertain times heavily challenged companies and public administrations, calling for a deeper data understanding and a better capability to visualize data, make forecasts and take data-driven decisions. Knowage, as open-source suite for analytics and business intelligence powered by the OW2 community, strengthened its commitment to support any emerging analytical needing. Knowage 8 collects all recent efforts and will bring new rich pre-built components within dashboards, an expansion of the in-cloud offer and many new functions aiming to further enhance user experience.
This speech will address the importance of an effective data visualization and analysis as well as the detailed presentation of the new innovative functions of the last version.

5) Speaker: Eric Yubin CUI, Huawei
Schedule: 12:40 - 13:00
Presentation title: Quick App Initiative and beyond
Abstract:OW2, a global open-source software community based in Europe, has recently established the Quick App Initiative, an interest group for global developers to exchange ideas about quick app-related technologies. The group will gather global experts from a wide range of industries and fields to explore new applications in various vertical fields for quick apps while also fostering technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and ecosystem.
I can elaborate on this new initiative and Huawei’s effort on this. I will also elaborate on the macro-understanding from a Huawei European point of view. And I would explain to you business opportunities and the open-source economic models in the world about this initiative and especially in China.