Paris Open Source Summit 2018



Paris Open Source Summit 2018

December 05 - 06, 2018


Paris Open Source Summit
DOCK PULLMANN, Paris - Aubervilliers
December 05-06, 2018
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OW2 will participate in the Paris Open Source Summit this year again with a large community booth and a significant contribution to the conference program with several tracks coordinated by the community. 

Come exhibit with OW2 at Paris Open Source Summit


Organized now since the first Paris Open Source Summit in 2015, OW2 community booth will be shared by several members or open source friends and partners. Please see the illustration and detailed description below. Pods will be distributed on a first arrived - first served basis.



@ OW2 members: please contact Catherine Nuel quickly if you would be interested in co-exhibiting or would like more information.

Booth description:


Global exhibition space dimension: 30 sq. m. (6m * 5m).
This space includes: 

  • a storage area (2m * 1m). 
  • a global sign including all members participating logos at the top of the booth.
  • an individual sign (flag or poster) for each member participating 
  • a large screen (40") to be shared by all members.
  • a demo pod (large screen + sound system) available to propose demos to attendees (agenda to be set-up collaboratively on-site)  
  • OW2 can provide individual flat screens for each demo pod (19" screens).  
  • Social event: OW2 organizes a Free Beer Party, end of day one, a great opportunity to network with attendees and other exhibitors!          

Number of available pods: 6

Option 1 (5150 € plus VAT):                                            
Desk located in the booth bottom corner, located next to the demo space (including large screen); 2 stools; 1 sign with partner name; 1 brochure-holder.

Option 2/3 (4150 € plus VAT):
Desk located in the booth top right corner ; 2 stools; 1 sign with partner name; 1 brochure-holder. 

Option 4/5 (3150 € plus VAT):
Desk ; 1 sign with partner name; 2 stools; 1 brochure-holder. 

Option 6 (2150 € plus VAT):
Bar table; 2 stools.  

See the booth location in the exhibition on the floor plan below:

OW2 in the conferences

OW2 will coordinate three conference tracks: 

Open Source Community Summit

Schedule: Wednesday December 5th afternoon, 14h00 - 16h15, Room MIXAGE.
Abstract: The Open Source Community Summit is an annual international workshop focusing on the growth and management of open source communities. This year, leaders and practitioners from free and open source software communities will share experience and best practices and discuss the challenges of creating market value with open source while complying with free software ethical values.
Speakers: Gabriele Ruffatti, Herman Rucic (C4C), Italo Vignoli (OSI - TDF), Ludovic Dubost (XWiki), Matthias Kirschner (FSFE), Simon Phipps (Open Source Initiative), Thierry Carrez (OpenStack), Ralph Mueller (Eclipse Foundation), Stefane Fermigier (Abilian). 

Open Source in Big European Cities

Schedule: Dec. 6 morning, 11h30 - 13h , room LE MONTAGE
Abstract: A public workshop where managers of large municipal information systems discuss how they make open source decisions and share experience and best practices.
Building on the success of previous year's event  and the on-going support of City of Paris in this endeavor, we are renewing the Open Source in Big Cities session. The objective of the session is to enable like-minded practitioners to share experiences and best practices in implementing open source solutions within the conventional information system but also in Smart Cities applications, Citizen Relationship Management, e-Citizenship, etc.
Speakers: Matthieu Faure (ADULLACT), Esteve Almirall (Barcelona), Patrick Ohnewein (Bolzano and Sud Tyrol Province), Philippe Bareille (City of Paris), Carlos Alocen (Zaragoza). 

OSAi Accessibility Initiative

Schedule: TBC
This session is built around the Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi) an open community-driven initiative hosted by OW2, designed to develop open source technologies and share best practices in the field of accessibility.
The session aims at providing a tangible approach with open source tools to set up and to manage a digital workplace for everyone, including impaired visitors, partners and employees. Accessibility solutions are progressing with open source components and inclusive governance rules, in parallel with social responsibility, agile and DevOps methods. The session will cover projects and software including web browsers, localization software, development frameworks and mobile apps.