Open Source Experience 2023

December 06 - 07, 2023

Paris Palais des Congrès


Come and visit us on our Community Booth at Open Source Experience 2023!

The OW2 Community will be visible this year on the booth #H24. 

If you are an OW2 member, please consider joining us and sharing the village to showcase your projects and solutions. The Community village will be ideally located along OSXP main aisle and close from our partners. The illustration below gives an idea of the booth set up. 

The package includes:
- global signage and visibility as an exhibitor (entry on OSXP exhibitor directory)
- individual counter + stool
- the blue carpet
- the generic OW2 visual on partition including OW2 member logos
- individual signage for each booth with member logo and tagline
- a screen
- to be shared: brochure holder and meeting space (table and three chairs)

Contact us for more information and cost to participate. 

Discover OW2 members in the conferences

1) LinPhone

Talk one: How and why secure communications today against tomorrow's attacks? Johan Pascal, Freelance software security consultant for Belledonne Communications will run the talk. 

We are going to talk about current developments in the field of quantum computing, which pose a growing threat to the cryptographic algorithms used today, for example in secure voice-over-IP and instant messaging applications. Although such a quantum computer has not yet been officially announced, some governments recommends protecting data against this type of attack by 2030. The encrypted data shared today could be stored and decrypted soon thanks to this breakthrough innovation. This is because encrypted data shared today could be stored and decrypted in the future by such quantum computers. That's why it's important to encrypt them today using algorithms that are robust to this type of attack. The Linphone application, for example, is one of the world's first open source communications software applications to have implemented the winning algorithm in the encryption key category, CRYSTALS-Kyber. One of the key milestones was the development of a modified version of the standard ZRTP encryption protocol.

Talk 2 : Telephony in the workplace: how to support the transition to software-only solutions. Jehan Monnier, the cofounder of Belledonne Communications will run the talk. 

The company telephony is constantly evolving, with IT and telecoms departments coming closer together within organisations over the last decade. Hardware IP telephones and physical servers are gradually being supplemented, or even replaced, by workstations on PCs and virtualised servers, or even by solutions offered in SaaS mode by service providers. Increased teleworking requires solutions that allow users to be mobile, and raises new issues of network and communications security. Finally, the rise of smartphones in the 2010s has rapidly led to the emergence of proprietary communications applications for the mass market, posing new challenges for developers of telecoms solutions. We will be presenting the complete open source client/server software solution for deploying and modernising your Voice over IP infrastructure.

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