CROSSMINER stands for IDE-integrated cross project knowledge mining for open-source software development. 

CROSSMINER contributes to the Work Programme topic ICT 10 - 2016: Software Technologies. The
specific theme addressed is advanced software development approaches and methodologies. The proposed work
has been driven by the need of the industrial partners of the consortium for a comprehensive industrialstrength
open-source framework for developing new software by properly selecting and reusing existing
open source components with respect to technological, quality, and licensing requirements. As advocated
by the work programme, CROSSMINER will conceive techniques and tools increasing the development
productivity and software quality by exploiting advanced knowledge extraction techniques applied on
existing open source components to develop new software. Exceeding the minimum requirement of the
call, the technologies developed in the context of CROSSMINER will be validated by nine use-cases from
different application domains and sectors.


Coming soon. 


The Open Group (X/Open Company) - Project coordinator
University of York
University of L’Aquila
Edge Hill University
CentrumWiskunde and Informatica
Athens University of Economics and Business
OW2 consortium

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