About China Open Source Week, October 15-20, 2012

What is Open Source Week

What we call Open Source Week is the grouping together of several open source events and meetings in the same week in order to achieve maximum efficiency and benefits for the attendees.

The ambition of the Open Source Week is to extend the reach of open source beyond the scope of universities and build awareness for open source as a business model, as a credible way to develop, use and distribute software, in a two-way manner, not just a way to (legally) download code.

The Open Source Week should facilitate corporate project information exchange and cooperation, and be an international platform for the OS technology and project exchange.

Why you should join us

You should join the Open Source Week to:
- Develop your brand and relationship with the OW2 open source community and ecosystem
- Increase your presence amongst the global open source middleware community
- Access to some of the best up-and-coming talent in the Chinese academic High Technology community
- Exchange the project and technology in a international platform
- Share the information of open source development strategy

What we are looking for

The aim of the Open Source Week it to:
- Provide a international platform for the enterprises and governments who are expert in open source industry
- Provide the platform for the academic, corporate project and business exchange
- Help the talents to connect with the enterprise
- Help the enterprise to connect with the talent community
- Share the excellent open source business model and build the relationship among the participants