Jul 20 2014

OW2 showcases OpenCloudware Open Platform at OSCON

OW2 showcases OpenCloudware Open Platform at OSCON

OpenCloudware enables DevOps to overcome the challenge of deploying distributed applications over multiple IaaS platforms in hybrid cloud computing environments

*OSCON, Portland, OR, July 20, 2014* – OW2, the global community for open source infrastructure software showcases OpenCloudware an ambitious open source R&D project aimed at allowing DevOps to model distributed applications over several virtual machines, to assemble them, build, deploy and operate them on multiple IaaS, the whole process being IaaS-agnostic.

Read the Press Release.

For more details about the open source platform, read the OpenCloudware White Paper and check online resources, source code, demos and scientific publications at the OpenCloudware website.