Oct 02 2009

First fOSSa Conference (Open Source for Academia)

First fOSSa Conference launched: where Open Source meets Academia.

The OW2 Europe Local Chapter launches first conference on open source communities and academic research.

Paris, France, October 1, 2009 - OW2 Europe Local Chapter and INRIA announce fOSSa 2009 (Free Open Source Software Academia Conference 2009), the first edition of a new international conference on the relations between open source communities and academic research. ICT companies run FOSS based business models which meet modern industry requirements. Academic researchers produce innovations and work to maximize their dissemination in society. fOSSa is a conference where they all can meet and discuss FOSS as the reference environment for their open development activities and an opportunity to contribute to the growth of a collective strategy aiming to transfer research results and innovation to the ICT industry and industrial expertise to academic research projects.

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