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36 36 For your information, here is an example of our [[Membership Agreement>>attach:Membership_Joining.Legal_Resources@OW2C-MemberAgreement-v2013.pdf||]] generated by the [[OW2 registration wizard>>Membership_Joining.On_Line_Registration]]. This document provides evidence of membership including, amongst other definitions, the fee structure and level of fees as well as the commitment for each membership category.
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39 -To register as a member of OW2 please use the **[[OW2 registration wizard>>Membership_Joining.On_Line_Registration]]**.
39 +To register as a member of OW2 please go through the **[[OW2 registration wizard>>Membership_Joining.On_Line_Registration]]**. To register as an Associate Organization, please use directly the pdf agreement [[here>>attach:Legal_Resources.OW2C-MemberAgreement-v2013.pdf||target="blank"]].
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42 42 == Fee Structure ==