SCA Training

Sep 22 2009

SCA Training
October 14-15, 2009
Nantes, France
Obeo provides training sessions on the SCA standard (Service Component Architecture) to facilitate modeling and implementation of service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Objective: To design effective solutions by using the full power of SCA. Content: This training outlines the different sections of the SCA standard (assembly, binding, implementations, ...) with many practical exercises. The idea is to allow students to understand the facilities provided by SCA in architecture and development tasks. The OW2-FraSCAti and Apache-Tuscany runtimes are used through tools provided by the Eclipse SCA Tools project.

Program outline:
- Presentation of SCA and integration with existing architectures (Spring, BPM, JBI, OSGi, MDA, ...),
- Model assembly, implementation and bindings,
- SCA Advanced: policy framework and extension of the Eclipse tools.
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