OpenNebula & Kanopya Cloud Automation

Feb 28 2013

"OpenNebula & Kanopya Cloud Automation" Webinar on the 12th of March 5.30pm

OpenNebula provides an enterprise-ready, flexible open-source Cloud Platform for automated management and orchestration of virtualized datacenters on your existing IT infrastructure.

Hedera's Cloud Management Platform, Kanopya, completes OpenNebula to attend the highest level of optimization with live workload management, multi-IaaS support giving you full service elasticity and also platform and VM scalability.

Added to that, our work and R&D with Service Providers, made us design an intuitive multi-user solution to launch Cloud services, for Enterprises and Hosters, easily and quickly.

You want to:

  • Automate multi-tiered application configuration & execution
  • Provision & deploy on demand virtual datacenters
  • Scale-out your OpenNebula IaaS and Scale-In your VMs`
  • Create workflows and orchestrate OpenNebula in your environment
  • Meter your client's exact consumption

All in all, if you want an industrialized, cost-effective and stable smart Cloud, then this webinar is for you!

Join us on the 12th of March at 5.30pm (UTC/GMT +1 hour) discovering OpenNebula's new features, Kanopya's Platform in action and the benefits from using both solutions.