What is FISSi

FISSi, is the Future Internet Software and Services initiative by OW2

The OW2 Future Internet Software and Services initiative is an open source community effort aimed at developing and promoting  software engineering and middleware technologies that address the specific challenges of the Future Internet which, as defined by the European Community, encompasses applications driven by people, contents, services and things. 

Aligned with the Future Internet (PDF) European initiative, FISSi is an outcome of the CHOReOS project Designed for the next stage of distributed applications where the next 20 billion hosts on the Internet, will not be traditional computers but rather a variety of things (watches, appliances, cameras, cars, other devices), FISSi is of interest for most stakeholders in the Future Internet. This opens up a vast perspective of many different interested parties. In this context, the CHOReOS project appears as “Middleware for the Internet of Things (IoT)”.