What to expect from FISSi

The FISSi initiative will focus on technologies related to the Future Internet as promoted by the European Commission. Its first deliverable will be derived from the CHOReOS FP7 collaborative project. Based on the work performed in the framework of the project, the FISSi initiative will start by delivering the Integrated Development and Run-time Environment (IDRE) for the development, deployment, execution and management of large scale choreography-based applications for the Future Internet. This includes the following list of exploitable results, or exploitation components including:
- Design methods;
- Business Process Modeling (BPM) tools;
- Service-oriented Middleware;
- V&V & Governance tools;
- Platform as a whole: the IDRE;
- Joint events, exhibitions, conferences;
- joint opportunities, collaborative projects.

Demonstrations and use cases. FISSi will also make available promotion and training material for the IDRE. The initiative will also document three use cases that will demonstrate FISSi's technologies. This material will support the initiative's marketing activities.