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1 1 = Future Internet Software and Services initiative =
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3 +The "Future Internet Software and Services" initiative (FISSi) was approved by the OW2 Board of Directors on 28 March 2012. FISSi is defined by a charter which was drafted by the OW2 Management Office. FISSi is an outcome of the CHOReOS project. Inria, as one of CHOReOS consortium key member and an OW2 Strategic Member volunteered to lead the initiative.
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5 +== Addressing the Future Internet Opportunity ==
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7 +FISSi is positioned in alignment with the Future Internet European initiative addressing the need to redesign significant part of the Internet. From the initiative's perspective the Future Internet is a flexible term that represent the next stage in distributed applications where the next 20 billion hosts on the Internet, will not be traditional computers but rather a variety of 'things': photo cameras, cars, home appliances, health monitoring equipment and home entertainment devices, etc. Long-term, FISSi is of interest for most stakeholders in the Future Internet. This opens up a vast perspective of many different interested parties.//
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9 +In this context, the CHOReOS project appears as “Middleware for the Internet of Things (IoT)”. The CHOReOS technology is essentially targeted at software architects and middleware designers working for systems integrators which businesses include or could evolve toward the delivery of complex applications that enable domain experts to develop decentralized ultra-large scale (ULS) solutions composed of heterogeneous services that are adaptable and QoS (Quality-of-Service) aware.
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11 +== Open Source business model ==
12 +FISSi aims at positioining CHOReOS as the de facto reference platform for choreography-based application in the new market that the "Future Internet" will help emerge.//
13 +As of today, the CHOReOS project is carried by a consortium of partners acting as a not-for-profit organization. The FISSi initiative will be the follow-up to the CHOReOS project in delivering an open source code freely available to all. //
14 +While the exploitation of the CHOReOS platform will enable the delivery of complex choreography-based services, it will possible for service providers to leverage several parts of the platform separately: the service choreography modelling (models and choreography development environment), the service-oriented run-time middleware and the validation and verification methodology and tooling. //
15 +Note that if the platform itself, both its development and runtime environments, will be open source, there is no specific provision for the applications that partners will be able to develop on top. Whether open source or proprietary these applications (as exemplified by use cases at ) will create value for the companies that will endeavour to leverage the CHORTeOS platform.
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17 +== What to expect from the Future Internet Software and Services initiative ==
18 +The FISSi initiative will focus on technologies related to the Future Internet as promoted by the European Commission. Its first deliverable will be derived from the CHOReOS FP7 collaborative project. Based on the work performed in the framework of the project, the FISSi initiative will start by delivering the Integrated Development and Run-time Environment (IDRE) for the development, deployment, execution and management of large scale choreography-based applications for the Future Internet. This includes the following list of exploitable results, or exploitation components including:
19 +* Design methods;
20 +* Business Process Modelling (BPM) tools;
21 +* Service-oriented Middleware;
22 +* V&V & Governance tools;
23 +* Platform as a whole: the IDRE;
24 +* Demonstrations and use cases.//
25 +FISSi will also make available promotion and training material for the IDRE. The initiative will also document three use cases that will demonstrate FISSi's technologies. This material will support the initiative's marketing activities.
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27 +== Key Standards ==
28 +From the technology perspective, FISSi will leverage the market development of key standards implemented by the CHOReOS platform, or which CHOReOS will comply with, they include:
29 +* OMG/ BPMN 2.0 ( ): Business Process Modeling and Notation: a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model. The current version of BPMN is 2.0.
30 +* OMG/SoaML ( ): SoaML (Service oriented architecture Modeling Language) is an open-source specification project from the Object Management Group, describing a UML profile and metamodel for the modeling and design of services within a service-oriented architecture.
31 +To our knowledge, the CHOReOS platform has no rival in the open source world. The only known direct competition comes from a proprietary offering by IBM: WebSphere Application Server Enterprise Process Choreographer.
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33 +More detailed information will be made available through the CHOReOS exploitation plan which will be published here: In the long-term,